Top 10 Best Handbags in India – Ladies Leather Handbags – Year 2023

A perfectly suitable leather handbag completes a poetry called lady. It must make an aesthetic statement matching the occasion for which it is designed.

It’s true…the best handbags for women are designed for different occasions. Any negligence regarding the design-occasion combination indicates that a person that shows it does have a form of a kind but lacks the content that defines it.

This review article intends to help ladies avail themselves of the top 10 best handbag in India in 2023. Indian markets are rife with fascinating handbags, but that makes the choice difficult instead of easy for them. And it’s a fact that all that glitters is not gold. Pure gold costs something. There are several luxury handbags brands out there that serve it. However, not all can afford it.

Therefore, an attempt is made, here, to showcase the top 10 handbags that are trending in India NOW, along with brief assessment of their merits and demerits. Since we are exclusively targeting the Indian market, we have kept one eye on cost and another on effectiveness of the products.

We know by experience that there is no dearth of products which strive hard to dominate the market and yet their sale remains considerably low compared to the products which are based on utilitarian principles without compromising on quality and looks.

We have endeavored to select top 10 best handbags in India to review for this segment without losing sight of other. And, doubtlessly, you will find it extremely helpful.

How Do We Rate Handbags

Well, we have our famous fives for the purpose. These famous fives are as follows:

  • Features: We look out for the features that any leather or faux leather handbag offers within a given price range. There are products which are short on features in order to accommodate the price-obsessed market segment. These are by no means much sought after; because features are what lend utility to a product.
  • Problematic product: In order to locate it, we draw on the customer ratings on different online platforms to find out the best and the worst customer experience.
  • Durability: We consider the durability of the product and the manufacturer’s warranty policy.
  • Quality: It involves all aspects of a product including the material used in it, the design, and the features incorporated in it to lend comfort to its user.
  • Customer satisfaction: Again, the customer ratings come in for good for the purpose. But it also depends to a great extent on the after-sale services offered by the manufacturer and their availability across the nation.

Given these criteria, which are the top 10 handbags in India in 2023? Let’s have a look at them…

Top 10 Best Handbags in India (2023)

Best handbags India


1. Hidesign Women’s Tote Bag – (Best Value for Money)

Fashionista’s desire fashioned into a must have wardrobe accessory…That’s what it is. It captures the essence of the post-modern sartorial aesthetics that thrives more on the beauty of human body than on texture, color and design of cloths. It evinces remarkable sophistication of concept through its simplicity and naturalness.

Because it is pure leather, it has greater suppleness, smoothness and durability than the products that are made up of fake leather. Its interior makes it one of the most functional handbags, holding all that is needful.

h 1

On the downside, it’s not shiny and it is not adequately compartmentalized. But it stands to reason. Had it featured more compartments, it would need to have a larger size, and that would surely not serve the purpose for which it is designed.

For those who seek affordable pure leather handbag, this is the product for them. Try it…It will turn out to your one of the most priced acquisitions in 2023.

Product Specifications
Size 31 cm x 27 cm x 10 cm
Material Pure Leather
Colour Blue
Compartments Single compartment
Features Strap length: 25 cm
Warranty 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects



2. Kate Spade 3 Compartment Shoulder Bag

Made of pure leather, it’s an ideal size to carry for a casual or formal outing.  It is a bit smaller than a tote and more like satchel shape.

It has room for all ladies’ personal care essentials. The one who holds it knows it doesn’t come out of blue! It’s a Kate Spade product and lives up to the name of the manufacturer.

The leather is of high quality, and the gold tone hardware goes well with its shiny black surface.

The ideal length of its strap (10.5-inch drop) enables women to either dangle on their arms or their shoulders. Apart from style and comfort, the product is durable as well.

h 2

The customer reviews and ratings show high level of customer satisfaction and prove that it is the best leather handbag for ladies. Looking at it from all aspects that concern a buyer, we have found that it is the best of all the handbags that we have reviewed.

The only reason we have placed it at #2 is because of its cost.

Product Specifications
Size 12.5 x 10.5 x 6 inch, Handle drops 10.5 inch
Material Pure Leather
Colour Black
Compartments Three
Features Trendy design, Pure leather, & Gold tone hardware
Warranty No Warranty in India



3. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large Chain Shoulder Tote

In keeping with the brand name, this elegant product commends itself to style-conscious buyers by dint of an innovative design that lends speech to the beauty of womanhood as it is defined NOW.

It shows what the contemporary aesthetics is like. It’s fine finish and smooth texture lend it a visual appeal that is great to flaunt at parties and building a persona. It, indeed, bears out Michael Kors’s claim to style, quality and relevance.

Having said that, it needs must be added that it’s made of genuine Saffiano Leather. Saffiano is a textured leather, which means it has a crosshatch finish. It is further finished with a wax treatment. As a result, the leather is highly scratch resistant, durable and exceptionally easy to keep clean.

h 3

Saffiano leather doesn’t come cheap and that reflects in the cost of this handbag.

Product Specifications
Size 15.6 ” top, 11″ bottom (L) x 11″ H x 5.5″D Straps: 10″
Material Saffiano Leather
Colour Brown, Black, Gold, or Tan.
Compartments Single Compartment with 1 zipper pocket and 2 slip pockets.
Features Made of Leather. Michael Kors Logo charm.
Warranty No Warranty in India


4. Coach Pennie Shoulder Bag

Made from luxurious refined pebble leather, this product perfectly answers what the posh women look for.

It is big, strong and capacious, designed especially for people who always want more, and always want what is tip top. There is a practical thinking involved in its height and length and width, making it comfortable to carry on shoulders, cross body, or pressed loosely under the arm. Outside, side-pockets are perfect for mobile phone or sunglasses.

Its shape and size allow much freedom of movement to the user. Had it been given greater height than it has, it would have made it uncomfortable to carry. 


Product Specifications
Size 10 3/4″ (L) x 11 3/4″ (H) x 5 1/4″ (W)
Material Refined Pebble Leather (Genuine Leather)
Colour Black
Compartments 1 compartment, zip pocket
Features Zip closure, large holding capacity, Detachable strap with 20 3/4″ drop for shoulder or crossbody wear
Warranty No Warranty in India
Coach Outlet


5. Hidesign Women’s Handbag – Black

This luxury handbag is a premium Hidesign product that might raise eye-browse for the price tag attached to it. Moreover, its look is a bit rough and tough for the fair sex to carry. Nevertheless, it IS a lady’s handbag, and those who carry it, will carry it with pride. The phrase ‘rough and tough’ need not put you off. It simply does not mean it will compromise your femininity if you hold it in your hand.

What is suggested is that it is surely not designed to grace all purposes and occasions; rather it is meant more for the working women to carry a lot more than just personal care items. It is a work bag…and a perfect one. It has room for all that a professional woman might need to carry. Work defines it and quality guarantees its success.


It is made of pure leather and therefore durability is not an issue with it. It is made to last.

If you carry it, it will not fail to symbolize the status you have as a professional among your peers.

Product Specifications
Size 29 cm x 41 cm x 11 cm
Material Pure Leather
Colour Red
Compartments 2 compartments, 3 pocket
Features Handle; Strap: 23 cm;
Warranty 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects



6. Da Milano Leather Tote Bag

This is another work bag flaunting 2 compartment and 1 zip pocket inside. Its simple design accommodates all that supplies the needs of women in their workplace. Effectiveness and usefulness are the principles which dominate professional spheres, and this handbag embodies them so well with its well-defined interior that it must be deemed to be one of the best made in India leather handbags in 2023.

It is absolutely comfortable to carry. Depending on your choice, the length of handles enables you to carry it in your hands or on your arms or on your shoulders.

Its smooth feel and shine have the feel of life that will not wear you out with use but rather please you through toilsome days as true companion. The descriptive phrase ‘conversation starter’ is quite apt for this product. If you’re a down-to-earth type, then this should make an ideal choice for you.


Finally, given the most versatile color and finish, it will perfectly suit you not withstanding what you don yourself with. It wields simplicity in its design in such a way that we cannot but own that it is a daring creation.

Product Specifications
Size 30 cm x 28.5 cm x 8.5 cm
Material Pure Leather
Colour Burgundy or Red
Compartments  2 compartment & 1 zip pocket inside.
Features Durable handbag for working women
Warranty Lifetime Service Warranty



7. Caprese Women’s Durable Faux Leather Handbag

Caprese products are worth a whirl for ladies who care for style. The brand hails from the Isle of Capri which is known for its fashion which is so unique that the only term that can describe it is Capri! If in any doubt about the veracity of what is said for it, you need only to do a little bit research on the Net.

This faux leather satchel gives you a glimpse into its spirit of innovation. It’s a confidence booster with its capacity to build the cool girl image. It owes much to the authenticity of the brand that is associated with glamour and sport. Its designs are always such as the fashionista can choose to personalize them.


What’s more, it doesn’t require your pockets to be deep in order to own it. It comes with a modest price tag attached to it without stinting on quality. It’s a strong build with spacious interiors.

Product Specifications
Size 45 cm x 14 cm x 28 cm
Material Faux Leather
Colour Plum
Compartments Multiple internal compartment
Features Back zipper, branded lining
Warranty 90 Days warranty against manufacturing defects


8. Baggit Women’s KONA Handbag 


Made from synthetic stuff, this handbag experiments with a colour that is by no means common. Characteristically, more often than not Baggit designs are intended to serve practical purposes, and its innovations are never extravagant. Not just that, the colours they air are also not vibrant.

Having said that, it must be added that they don’t stint on visual appeal. It is always there. And the workmanship involved in it, lends the synthetic elements enduring quality.

It is endowed with chic grab handles to facilitate the task of holding it without discomfort. It is big and its interior offers much room for holding all the essentials. It is a perfect handbag/shoulder bag for long hour outings, shopping or as work wear bag.


You can easily put in a regular laptop/macbook/chromebook inside this handbag.

Product Specifications
Size 44.45 x 13.97 x 33.02 cm
Material Synthetic
Colour Blue, Black, or Green
Compartments 2 compartments, Inside Zip, back zipper pocket
Features Good holding capacity, Unique color
Warranty 90 Days warranty against manufacturing defects


9. Caprese Women’s Satchel handbag

This is a truly functional sachet handbag from Caprese. It’s a leatherette product that strikes perfect balance between customers’ budget and their needs. The number of customer ratings and reviews show that it offers all that they need in a price that they are willing to pay.

Apart from considerations regarding price and utility, its texture, color and style gives it the trendy look that is truly satisfying for the user. Caprese’s endeavors to meet the demands of the consumers who have to keep one eye on their budget and another on their need, gives birth to such innovation on which it prides itself.


However, the use of faux leather shifts the demand on the user to bestow certain level of care on it. For a longer life and durability, it is essential to wipe it with dry cloth and save it from exposure to extreme heat.

Product Specifications
Size 24cm x 39 cm x 9 cm
Material Faux leather
Colour Pink
Compartments 1 compartment with a zip pocket and 2 slip pockets. 1 zip pocket outside.
Features zip closure with grab handle and detachable & adjustable sling handle
Warranty 90 Days warranty against manufacturing defects


10. Caprese Women’s Cindy (Navy Blue)


This product’s design is on the classical side. It is meant for times when ladies take fancy to substitute a plain-vanilla avatar for a painstakingly zippy one.

It tones down the eye with its polished leatherette and sober color. It is big and has much holding capacity.

Also, it has a strong build and promises to last long. It can be a good addition to your wardrobe, helping you out with a choice of accessories that would match the mood you’d like to get into at different times and on different occasions.

h 10

If a pocket permits, it is always desirable to follow the trend and have a range of cloths, footwear and accessories to choose from. Handbag and footwear that suit an outfit is indicative of a person of high taste.

Product Specifications
Size 44 cm x 28 cm x 11 cm
Material Faux leather
Colour Navy Blue
Compartments 2 compartment
Features Large holding capacity,
Warranty 90 Days warranty against manufacturing defects


Best Handbags in India 2023 – A Buying Guide

This handbag buying guide is a small attempt at helping the fair sex find the best handbag in 2023.

As it is, ladies’ handbag is small investment of a kind, and they are very fond of it. It is their day-to-day need; because it contains all that they need through the day when they are away from home.

But they don’t just seek something that keeps all their money and personal care essentials safely; they also want something that suits the persona that they want to put up in public. This exactly is the reason why it is so essential for them to own exactly what they want.

The problem is that there is such an extraordinary variety and quality available in Indian markets teeming with both national and international brands that it becomes a difficult task to select the one thing that is needful for you. It is very much possible that you end up buying something only to regret for it afterwards.

Another problem is that of money. Products fall in different price range. More often than not it so happens when you go to the market, looking for a handbag of your dream, that the one you like you cannot buy because of the price tag attached to it and the one which suits your budget you cannot buy because you don’t like it.

Whether you are budget-bound or belong to the moneyed class, we assure you that we can help you lay your hands on the right product. And this we do by pointing you to few essentials that you must know about handbags.

What Purpose You Want Your Handbag to Serve?

This is the very basic question that you need to ask yourself even before you step out of your house with an intention to buy a handbag for you. Because your purpose determines the type of handbag that you should have.

If you want something that is out and out functional, then what you want is a satchel or a tote with well-compartmentalized interior. These can hold things like electronic gadgets (such as laptop, smartphone and tablet), books, makeup kit, water bottle, etc. And it is a good idea to choose neutral colors for your handbag since it will not wear dirty looks with growing use.

But if the occasion demands that you get out of the common rut and change looks, then it’s time for you to consider having a hobo or a tote or a clutch that air perky combinations and colors. Please note that though clutches come in many designs and colors, they cannot contain anything more than money, credit/debit cards, makeup things, etc.

And if you are a stylist and believe that your style is what you are, and you want it to remain what it is at all times and occasions, then it is good that you match a product with your body type and consider how well it expresses you.

If you are long and slim, you need a shoulder bag with long strap. And if you are short, then a shoulder or a cross-body bag with a short strap is what you need. The right location for it to rest is your hip.

And if you are heavyset, then it is advisable not to go for a clutch or cross-body bag. It won’t suit you. What you need is a handbag that you can hold in your hand. It may be a tote or a bowling or a structured bag.

Now, let’s shift the focus and think about occasions when you need to spend quite some time away from home. What you need on such occasions is something that holds more than just money, credit/debit cards and makeup essentials.

Hobos, totes and satchels prove quite handy at such times, and it is in these types that you need to seek variations and styles that you might identify yourself with. This is a necessity that goes with any crowd-pulling festive occasion.

If you’re on a shopping spree, you need a decent shopper that is both strong and attractive. In selecting it you need to give its handles few gentle pulls to ensure that it doesn’t give way under burden. Also, you need to check that its seams are reliable.

If you are a working woman, wanting a handbag to carry to the workplace, then you need a perfect work bag that can hold all your electronic gadgets, makeup things, and miscellaneous items depending on your needs.

As it is, needs vary from person to person. The point is, you need a handbag that best serves your needs. And the best work bag is the one that is not only functional but also well-built.

Leather or Leatherette

This is an important question; because it does matter what the bag of your choice is made up of. The difference between a leather product and leatherette is a major one in several ways even if it is not apparent or visible. It is the difference between natural and synthetic.

We choose to draw a difference between natural and synthetic instead of between genuine and fake; because we know that synthetic is not synonymous with fake or low quality. After all, quality largely depends on the workmanship involved in any given product. Nevertheless, as a buyer you need to know the materials used in it, and you will surely know why.

First of all, as long as it fits your budget, leather handbag is to be preferred because it is softer and smoother than leatherette or faux leather. It has a feel of life and long-lasting. It weathers wear and tears of time better and, therefore, its appearance does not alter for bad.

But the thing is that, even in leather there could be difference in quality depending on the processes it is subjected to before it is ready for use for the stated purpose.

For instance, the chrome tanned leather has greater suppleness than the vegetable tanned but it is thinner than the latter. Moreover, it is not responsive to indentation in the same measure that the vegetable tanned leather is. However, it is not much affected by wetting in the way that vegetable tanned leather is.

As you can well see, there are advantages and disadvantages of both kinds of leather. The question is: Which one is to be preferred? The answer is that you need not concern yourself with it! Simple! Because you will never be able to tell one from the other in practice.

And both the vegetable and the chrome tanned leather have greater suppleness and durability than faux leather. Similarly, you need not worry about whether the leather is full grain or top grain or genuine. All that you should look out for is suppleness, smoothness and price.

If the cost is high, you have a reason to assume that a product is full grain leather; if the cost is low, it is genuine; and anything that falls in between is the top grain. What is full grain lasts longer than the top grain, and what is top grain lasts longer than the genuine. That’s it.

This brings us to leatherette or faux leather. It is made from polyester or nylon or rayon fibers coated with polyurethane. Next, it is given the texture of leather. The other kind of faux leather is made by combining PVC, stabilizers, plasticizers and lubricants and then applying it to synthetic fibers.

There are a number of reasons why leatherette cannot compete with genuine leather. It is harder than leather and less durable. But it has certain advantages over pure leather. It does not get stained easily. Exposure to sunlight for prolonged period of time does not damage it to the extent that it does real leather.

The manufacturing cost of leatherette is very low and it comes in a wider range of colors because it can be dyed easily. That is no small advantage. That is the reason why even famous brands do not shy away from including it in their product line. Colors attract our eyes and we are driven by eyes.

More often than not we would find quality unacceptable if it is to come without comely appearance. Therefore, do not shy away from any handbag if you read ‘faux leather’ in its description.

Importance of a Label or a Brand

Brands come to acquire distinction upon certain period of time and their reputation is based on a number of factors.

To begin with, there are brands which acquire popularity due to the cost-effectiveness of their products. They not only keep the price low they also satisfy their customers’ demands. These aim to reach specific market segment of which main concern is price. This is the secret behind their being able to establish themselves as brands that sell the most.

There are brands which are known for their high-end products which cost more and offer more. They are for the consumers who have money power and are willing to pay dearly if it returns value in terms of quality and style.

There are brands which are known for their daring designs and elaborate craftsmanship. They know that appearance does matter. They always come up with the handbags that satisfy the passion of style-conscious people.

Then, there are brands which offer functionality and durability which are on-demand among working women. They see to it that their handbags feature interiors which are endowed with carefully designed compartments and pockets which increase their holding power. They may not flaunt eye-catching colors, but they do use materials that guarantee heavy-duty performance.

Haply, Several Indian and International brands are available in India that meet all the demands of this highly variegated market of wardrobe accessories. Here is a list of top 10 handbag brands in India:

  1. Hidesign
  2. Michael Kors
  3. Kate Spade
  4. Da Milano
  5. Coach New York
  6. Caprese
  7. Baggit
  8. Allen Solly
  9. Lavie
  10. Cathy London

Also check our reviews for:


Best Handbags in India – Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best handbag brand in India?

It is difficult to name any brand to be the best; because each brand that is well-established in India is distinguished by its own innovation that sets it apart from others. However, we can name the top 10 brands: 1. Hidesign 2. Michael Kors 3. Kate Spade 4. Da Milano 5. Lino Perros 6. Baggit 7. Caprese 8. Lavie 9. Cathy London, and 10. Peperone.

What kinds of handbag are trending in India now?

Totes, hobos, shoulder bag, cross-body bag, clutches and satchels are some of the types which are trending now in India.

Are faux leather bag durable?

Yes. It is when it is compared with genuine leather that is deemed less durable. But, again, it depends upon the brand that produces it. Certain well-established brands are known especially for their faux leather offerings.

Are leather bags good?

Yes. They are more durable than leatherette, and also they get better with use. They look better and feel better. And leather lends quality to any design.

How do I choose a handbag for my body type?

Women with apple shaped body should avoid cross-body bags and clutches. Rather they should choose hand-held bag. Long and thin women use shoulder bag with long strap. Pear shaped women should avoid anything having the hint of a hobo and choose a bag with shorter strap which touches the body well above the hip.

What are hobo bags?

They are large and have long strap. And they tend to slouch when put down.

What is a cross-body bag?

It has a long strap that passes over your chest and pulls your shirt or dress close to your body so that its shape is well-defined. The bag itself hangs at the hip.

Can a tote bag be used as a purse?

It is meant for all purposes.

Is tote a handbag?

No. It’s a shoulder bag.

Which color handbag is the best?

Different color suits different times of a day. These involve various shades of pink, blue and burnt orange-red.

What color of purse goes with everything?


What is the most versatile handbag color?

Brown and black.

Does it make sense to purchase a handbag online?

Yes, it is a good idea to buy handbags from e-commerce portals like Amazon. The reason why we say this is that it is very much possible that all the major brands of ladies handbags may have their presence in metro cities of India but not in all parts of the country. If you browse through e-commerce portals, you have larger variety and wider range of price available to you.

It is simply not possible you don’t get what exactly you want from there no matter where you are located. You get it right at your door step. You don’t have to spend time and energy to go out and search for your desired handbag from one shop to another.

Another thing, e-commerce portals frequently offer considerable discount on the goods they showcase, especially during the time of festivals of which there is no want. There are more festivals here than there are days in a year. In that way the Indian customers are quite fortunate.

So, the chances are that you get the best handbag in India at a price that you can never expect to get anywhere else


The Best Handbags in India – Conclusion

Now that you have known about almost all the major brands and styles of handbags available to Indian ladies, you are in a position to decide which one makes your choice.

A Hidesign handbag is what you need if you are looking for genuine leather handbag at low price compared to other luxury handbag brands.

Baggit offers a wide range of handbags which are made from quality faux leather. It offers many different styles to choose from at a reasonable price.

Caprese handbags caters to the requirements of those who don’t want to spend dearly on luxury handbags nor anything that is low priced but lacking in quality.

Lino Perros handbags come with modest price tags attached to them and they flaunt many chic styles to lure the fashionista.

There is no dearth of prestigious handbag brands available to you in India provided you know what exactly it is that you are looking for. You are sure about it if you know why you are looking for it. Through this review we have endeavored to inform you about why you need what. We have no doubt about it that the products we have reviewed here would help you make the right choice of your dream handbag.

Rewa Bhadwal

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