Sleepwell Mattress Price & Bestsellers in India (2023)

Sleepwell mattress price is just nothing beside the sleep and rest it imparts. You cannot sleep well if your body does not lie in comfort in your bed. This comfort lies as much in the materials used in making a mattress as in your mind-set. And more often than not comfort changes mind also.

Now, different people have different body types as well as mind-sets. Depending on these they derive comfort from different degrees of softness. Since you know your body type well, you are the right person to judge what you need.

As it is, there are three types of mattresses available in markets: firm, support and soft. And there are also pocket spring mattresses.

Sleepwell Mattress Price & Best Sellers

Bestseller No. 2
Sleepwell Starlite Select Extra Firm Coir Mattress (78*48*5 Inches)
Sleepwell Starlite Select Extra Firm Coir Mattress (78*48*5 Inches)
Product Dimensions: Length (198.12 cm), Width (121.92 cm), Height (12.7 cm)
; Primary Material: Coir

What We Like About Sleepwell Mattress

Sleepwell mattresses are made keeping practical considerations in view for your comfort and health. Comfort is induced through different types of materials and layers and arrangement of layers. Generally, memory and PU foams are used for comfort layers whereas the material used for the support layer is largely made from coconut coir fibre and to lend it gentle feel and resilience latex is combined with it.

As for the health considerations, they are attended to in two ways:

1. Health Fresh that wards off bacterial and fungal growth as well as harmful insects and
2. Orthopedic mattresses that are designed to give great relief to people suffering from backaches, joint pain, arthritis, etc.

As it is, the technique of making mattresses may change from product to product, and Sleepwell boasts considerable range indeed. The range of products it offers is one of the proofs of how the user-friendliness is the cornerstone of Sleepwell mattress concepts. It accommodates all the needs of different types of users.

Layer logic

Sleepwell mattresses feature different numbers of layers or thickness in product designs, and the greater the number of layers, the greater the thickness or height of the mattresses.

The multi-layer thickness is utterly scientifically structured in order to adapt itself to body contours. The way these layers are designed needs some space here to talk about.

Following are the kinds of layers that are used in making top mattresses:

  1. Knitted fabric with viscoelastic quilt
  2. Some more viscoelastic stuff underneath the quilting
  3. Profiled Latex
  4. Reticulated layer
  5. Super Bond
  6. Quilting
  7. Spring core

Viscoelastic is nothing but memory foam which is made from a blend of polyurethane. It was first developed by NASA long back in 1970s to be used for airplane cushions. Memory foam is used to surface mattresses because when it is pressed, it responds to it by hugging the surface of the object that presses it. Depending on varying degrees of sophistication that goes in the making of memory foam, the time it takes in responding to the pressure may vary. By the same token, it shows variation in softness.

Profiled latex is latex that responds to different body pressure profiles. Generally, latex is made from natural or synthetic or combined materials. The processes to make them also vary. The advantage of using it is that it not only offers resilience or bounce but also prevents skidding. The mattresses top-layered with this provide stability but many may not find it as comfortable as the top quilted layer that is made from fabric.

Reticulated layer is the layer that has netted structure. It allows air from surface layer to circulate in this layer and at the same time drain off body heat. Very often its design follows body contour closely to be able to support it.

Quilting is meant for keeping comfort layers from getting displaced and giving soft feel to the surface.

Finally, there is the use of springs to form the core or support layer of mattresses. The shapes and usage of springs may vary. These can be identified as Bonnell coils, Continuous coils, Encased coils and Offset coils. Of all these, the Encased coils are better than others from the point of view of reduced pressure points and increased comfort.

How to make use of these layers in making mattresses largely depends upon the manufacturer. Take, for instance, Sleepwell’s bonded foam mattresses. They have soft top and hard bottom surface. They use some of the layers mentioned above. But the biggest advantage they have is that if anyone loves to lie on soft surface, he keeps the soft surface up and if anyone prefers hard surface, all he has to do is turn it over and keep the hard surface on top.

Spine Alignment Solution

Sleepwell designs its products from various angles. Spine bond and SpineTech series are good examples in point. These mattresses are meant for people having problem with their spine. They are made from high density PU foam and rubbery coir. The structure of coir is quite important here because it facilitates air circulation. This design keeps the user from getting hot and, at the same time, gives him the kind of resilient surface that is ideal against the pressure he exerts on it.

Another interesting feature is the 3-way anti-sag comfort action. As the word anti-sag denotes, this technique is used to ensure that the mattress does not sag in the way that the conventional cotton mattresses do. There is no rocket science in it. When you sleep, inner layer of the mattress is pressed down. When you get up, it regains its original position and shape.

Comfort First

Sleepwell Firmtec, Supportec, Nexa, Nano, Amity, etc are some of the products that are designed specifically to boost comfort. Here, it should be added that anyone seeking comfort must check out product firmness and opt for the one that is described as plush or medium or soft.

Generally, plush firmness results from mattresses made from high-responsive memory foam that adjusts to the shape of your body. That’s how your body weight is evenly distributed. There is also a technology called Feather Soft Comfort that will literally tickle you with childlike joy to roll over in bed. It is used in Nexa. What is unique about it is that the mattress is spongy and breathes wonderfully well.

It’s Different Either Way

It’s true…Either side of mattresses falling in this category has different purpose. Its one side is softer and another is firmer. The firmer side is made from Super Bond material and is designed like that for proper spine alignment. The softer side has latex in its make and, therefore, gives you bouncy comfort. It features a reticulated layer, for air circulation, and a quilt made of soft flexi PU foam for enhancing comfort. Sleepwell Ultra Bonded Foam and Amity belong to this product category.

Spring Mattress

Sleepwell’s Esteem, Amity, Serenity, etc belong to this category and the primary material used in them remains memory foam. It is the supportive core that is provided by pocket spring system in which springs are encased in cloth pockets. Some of them have pillow top finish and latex which lend them greater comfort level. They also feature what is called Zero Turn technology. Another feature is called Foam Wall technology which is used in designing the edges. It renders the edges smooth and supportive.

There are also certain mattresses which feature Bonnell spring system which is introduced in them particularly for spine alignment. Both sides of these are made from high density PU foam and are supplied with soft flexi PU foam quilt to cover it.

Two-As-One Customizable Mattress

This particular product from Sleepwell is said to be India’s first customizable mattress in box. It is meant for double bed and for couples which have different preferences concerning the softness of the mattress. For them Sleepwell has introduced these two-as-one customizable mattress that is divided in parts of which one has soft surface and another hard. It has a very handy feature in the form of a zip cover that enables you to interchange the top layers. Also, it comes with free pillow.

What We Don’t Like About the Sleepwell Mattress

Though Sleepwell is a famous brand, its products are sometimes reported to be having manufacturing defects. Sometimes the product descriptions are also erratic, leading customers to make wrong selection. Therefore, the customers will do well to go through customer reviews as well.

Service Quality / After Sale Support of Sleepwell Mattress

This seems to be a problem area with Sleepwell; because there are customers who have complaints regarding the company’s customer services where it touches communication gap.

Customer Reviews

Generally, the products don’t have much to complain about. Certain reviews produce the impression that customers made a wrong choice in selecting a mattress for them. But, surely, the company needs to address the issue with its customer services.

Final Verdict

Sleepwell is one of the best brands in India that offers a truly impressive range of mattresses at affordable prices. The materials it uses are of a high quality and the technologies quite original. Moreover, its product designs cover almost all classes of users. If used with care, the products have a long life.

Rewa Bhadwal

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