Samsung LED TV Price | Samsung Smart TV Price of Bestsellers

Samsung LED TV prices are determined by different sizes and technologies used in them.

The size starts from 32” and goes above 55”. And in every category organized from the point of view of the size of the TV screen, the choice is quite impressive.

But when we talk about the size of a television, it largely depends on the size of the room in which it is to be installed. Another reason that drives the choice of the screen size is the desire to see a large picture.

As it is, even greater in importance is the technological aspect of a television; because it is an essentially functional element in its design. The real value of the product resides in its functionality and durability. It is not a rule that the more advanced the technology used in a product is, the costlier it is. It is just that some technologies are costly whereas some are not. It is a corollary that the technology that costs less is not necessarily inferior to the costlier.

But the point is not whether a technology used in it is cost-effective or expensive; the real point is the brain work that goes in its development. That is the hardest part in the entire venture of product design and manufacture. It must be valued above everything else, and, in fact, it is.

Samsung LED TV Price & Best Sellers

SaleBestseller No. 1
Samsung 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED TV 32T4050 (Black)
Samsung 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED TV 32T4050 (Black)
Resolution : HD Ready (1366x768), Refresh Rate: 60 hertz; Sound : 20 W output; Country of Origin : India
SaleBestseller No. 2
Samsung 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV UA32T4350AKXXL (Glossy...
Samsung 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV UA32T4350AKXXL (Glossy...
Resolution: HD Ready (1366x768) | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz; Display : LED Panel | Wide Colour Enhancer | HD Picture Quality | Slim & Stylish Design
SaleBestseller No. 3
Samsung 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED TV UA32T4010ARXXL (Black)
Samsung 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED TV UA32T4010ARXXL (Black)
Resolution: HD Ready (1366x768); Sound : 20 Watts Output; Display : LED Panel | Slim & Stylish Design
SaleBestseller No. 4
Samsung 109.3 cm (43 inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV UA43T5770AUBXL (Black)
Samsung 109.3 cm (43 inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV UA43T5770AUBXL (Black)
HD Ready (Resolution: 1920x1080), Refresh Rate: 50 hertz; Connectivity - Input: 2*HDMI, 1*USB, 0*VGA

What We Like About the Samsung Televisions

The stated motto of brand Samsung is to create the future. That’s what makes it constantly move on from where it is at any given time – whether in past or in present. In keeping with its motto, it is known to be first in introducing many innovations that have considerably changed the way we use our televisions. These innovations are directly reflected in the features that come bundled up with the products.

Now, features in any given television are an answer to consumer interests and needs that stem from their interests. They go to TV showrooms or visit online stores with many ideas on their mind. Greatness of Samsung as a brand lies in offering products that mirror their ideas.

The Features Shared by LEDs Having 1920×1080 Resolution

Many different series of models offer this resolution. And more or less they share similar features and technologies. Take the Wondertainment Series for an instance. In all its offerings regardless of the size of a product, you will find the following features:

  1. Voice enabled search
  2. Convertibility into personal computer
  3. Home Cloud
  4. Live Cast
  5. Dolby Digital Plus
  6. Music System
  7. Game Enhancer

For an average user, these are all that he can ask for. And he gets all this at a price well below Rs. 20,000/-.

The Features Shared by LEDs Having 3840×2160 Resolution

As we move up from there, we come to the TVs that boast 3840×2160 resolution. Again, this particular feature belongs to all the products that constitute the same series but vary in size (from 43” to 65”).

The highlight of these Ultra High Definition televisions is the Crystal Processor that delivers high contrast ratio and ability to work in tandem with HDR for best results. The Crystal Display comes in for good to optimize color expression.

As for gaming, it is supported greatly with a technology that saves the images from getting blurred during fast motion and from input lag. These are the things that enhance the gaming experience.

One interesting feature is the Ambient Mode. It is interesting because it enables you to convert your TV, when you are not watching it, into a picture frame that frames images of your choice that would perfectly match with the room décor. If you like, you can make it work like a slide show as well.

Samsung Smart QLED TVs

Just as OLED is unique contribution of LG, QLED is Samsung’s. And though the products constituting this line are costlier, they do boast a number of technologies and features that justify the cost.

Samsung QLED TV

One of their USPs is doubtlessly the Quantum Processor Lite. Crystal Processors served their time well in offering great picture quality. But now is the time for Quantum Processors to introduce machine learning that benefits from AI to upscale images and transform them into something that can be compared with 8K quality. It also offers extraordinary contrast ratio and master HDR. But if you want the exact 8K quality, it requires the Quantum Processor 8K that is featured in high-end products.

Quantum Dot Technology offers awesome range of one billion shades of colors which is referred to in processing images which lack in picture quality. When these images are processed with 100% color volume, Quantum Dot transforms them into pure color images which will literally stun you notwithstanding the level of brightness that marks the room in which the TV is installed.

The details and contrast ratio also derive a part of their worth from dynamic tone mapping offered by HDR10+. What the Dual LED backlighting does is to capture exact tone of color to match the mood of the content. That’s something!

As it is, the terms ‘4K’, ‘8K’, etc define the picture quality (resolution) which derives itself as much from Samsung’s UHD Picture Engine as from its processors. This picture engine is so powerful and efficient that even if the source content is not UHD, when it is subject to its processing, it turns into something that closely resembles the UHD-level content.

Smart TV Powered by TIZEN

Tizen, a Linux-based OS that worked well with smartphones, is now powering Samsung’s smart TV so that the user-interface eases the task of accessing the content of your choice on your mobile, and sharing it between TV and your mobile.

Smart Hub and One Remote Control also expand the facility of accessing content, game console, apps, live TV, etc with extraordinary ease.

SmartThings Dashboard

QLED can now be linked to the IoT devices via SmartThings dashboard. This enables you to operate other devices, such as lights, refrigerators, robotic vacuum cleaner, etc remotely and comfortably.

Real Game Enhancer+

This is for enhancing the joy of playing games by offering clarity to motion pictures and colors and sound. As for any noise or disturbance that might vitiate the gaming experience, it is looked after by AMD FreeSync.

Sound Technologies

We have had enough of Dolby Digital. Samsung takes you further to experience altogether new audio experience. The innovations in this regard come in the following forms:

Object Tracking Soung+ (OTS): This gives you a truly cinematic experience because the sound exactly tracks the motion of objects on the screen. It makes you feel you are right there…where the action is taking place!

Active Voice Amplifier (AVA): This is quite intelligent. It senses the noise around you and accordingly adjusts the sound coming from the TV.

Adaptive Sound+: It thoroughly classifies the audio input signals to determine which sounds should be prominent and which should be subdued in order to create the sound that best suits the need of what you’re watching on the screen.

Q-Symphony: It makes the TV’s speakers work together with a soundbar in order to generate perfect surround-sound effect.

What We Don’t Like About the Samsung TV

Generally, Samsung does not disappoint its customers concerning the quality of its products. Nevertheless its flat televisions are reported to have inferior quality capacitors that frequently create problem with the start-up.

Some of the QLED TVs also show up burn-in and the QLED pixels are found out to be supported by backlighting. They do not emit light in the way that OLED pixels do. The issue was brought to light by the lawsuit involving LG and Samsung.

Having said that, please note that such stray incidences should be viewed as aberrations and not a norm. Samsung remains one of the best TV brand in the world.

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Service Quality / After Sale Support of Samsung TV

Some customers are all praise for Samsung customer service but there are also customers who report about bad service after the purchase is being made. The failure in this respect has to do with not replacing a faulty product that is still in the warranty period, customer care staff not attending to their complaint, etc. But when it comes to bad customer care or service, it may be indicative of unprofessional individual temperament or attitude rather than symptomatic of a company culture. This must be born in mind.

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Customer Reviews

Just as it is with all other prestigious brands, the customer reviews of Samsung TVs are also a curious mix of full-on praise and full-on condemnation. It is the buyer who, in such cases, needs to have a balanced mind to weigh the reviews aright and come to right conclusions. This is absolutely necessary if he wants to buy a right product.

Final Verdict

Samsung remains a TV brand to reckon with and all major players in this market see it as chief among all their rivals. It has never offered cost-effective solution; rather it has always focused on being the first to innovate the TV technology in order to give the best to its cherished customer.

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