How to Prevent AC Coil Corrosion and Refrigerant Leakage

Servicing your AC unit is key to extend its lifespan. This will both allow you to save money in the long run and avoid any environmental and health issues. Plus, corrosion and gas leaking demand the equipment to waste more electricity than usual, increasing your power bill exponentially.

These problems can end up being hard and costly to fix. Corrosion happens because the air conditioner fins are made of aluminium and the condenser coil is made of copper. In the presence of moisture, galvanic corrosion happens at the point of contact of these two metals. Over time, this corrosion results in gas leakage and the condenser would then need to be replaced or repaired.

Because of this, it’s vital to try and prevent decay from happening in the first place. There are different ways to avert this problem before it gets out of hand.

Bimetallic or galvanic corrosion

Usually, more than one metal is used in the manufacturing of AC units. This is far from ideal, but certainly cheaper than other alternatives. When the two metals touch while moist with the presence of a liquid, it makes corrosion more likely to occur. Should there be a single metal, even with the presence of a leakage, it would take a longer time for this wear and tear to happen naturally.

It’s a good idea to try and purchase an air conditioner with fins and coils manufactured with only one metal. It’ll be more cost-effective to the customer in the long run.

Formicary corrosion

Pure copper also presents corrosion problems in air conditioning systems. This type of wear and tear doesn’t happen naturally without any outside influences. Since it requires three elements and only two are present in the devices, it’s usually a result of the actions of the unit’s user.

For formicary corrosion to occur, water, oxygen and an organic acid, such as cleaning solvents, cosmetics or paint, must interact. Usually, when a user mistakenly allows one of these organic acids to fall on the unit or attempts to clean it with solvents, this type of corrosion begins damaging the AC.

It’s vital to be very conscious of what elements we place near and over our AC units, to avoid such problems from arising.

There are also two types of coatings that can be used to protect the AC units. When it comes to old devices, copper guard coating is the best alternative. It’s a preventive coating that helps keep solvents, water, and other elements from damaging the copper in the AC’s structure. This will keep rusting from happening, as well as stop gas leaks before they begin.

Always Purchase AC with Anti Corrosion Coating

When purchasing a new AC, however, it’s a good idea to make sure it features a protective epoxy coating. This works as an effective and long-lasting protection for metal surfaces to both chemicals and water damage.

Check out the following posts for recommendations on best AC in India 2023.

In India, two common epoxy coatings used to protect air conditioners are known by the name Bluefin coating and Goldfin coating. Though this might add to your cost of purchase when buying the unit with epoxy coating, in the long run, it’ll help the user save money.

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22 replies
  1. Sanjay Sharma says:

    Can the coating be done both at the Outdoor as well as indoor units ? If yes Share the details , please

    • Lavanay says:

      Yes, the epoxy coating is done on copper coils of both indoor unit and outdoor unit. However, don’t try doing it yourself unless you have experience.

  2. Sunil kumar sharma says:

    Every year gas leak in my one ton voltas window AC what i do

    • Lavanay says:

      If its happening every year, then its better to purchase a new AC. When purchasing a new one, make sure to buy AC that comes with some anti rust coating on the condenser and evaporator. We recommend this LG AC

      • Amol Goel says:

        My Volta’s split AC loses gas every month. I live near a drain and most people face gas leak and corrosion. Which costing and technology should I go for ?

        • Lavanay says:

          Use a LG split AC, and install outer unit as far as possible from the drain. LG ACs come with best possible corrosion protection and thus we suggest them.

  3. Raghava says:

    Hello sir,
    I have Mitsubishi electric mr slim and Mitsubishi heavy duty 1.6 ton ac, mr slim brand new are those models copper coated one or should i apply any coating on joints in indoor and outdoor units. My blue star ac started leaking gas after five years i couldn’t bear repairs so i bought new one please tellme how to protect copper coils for long life

    • Lavanay says:

      We haven’t reviewed Mitsubishi air conditioners and therefore don’t know if they use high quality epoxy coating or not. I checked its broucher online but there was no mention of it. Anyway, its not recommended that you try coating condenser yourself. The best you can do now is to protect outer unit as much as possible from moisture and get the AC serviced every year from a company authorized service center.

  4. Balaji says:

    My home is located near sewage treatment plant all make ac coil are getting failed within year. Is there any protection coating available in Chennai to apply it can withstand atleast for 3yrs

    • Lavanay says:

      You can try coating with this spray However, we are not sure about it effectiveness or durability. I think the best option you have is to sell out your AC on OLX or elsewhere and purchase a LG AC. Most of the LG air conditioners come with high quality epoxy coating that can resist corrosion.

  5. Guru says:

    What other air conditioners come with epoxy coating that fight salt air?

    • Lavanay says:

      LG, Daikin, Panasonic, Bluestar, and few other brands apply epoxy coating to their air conditioners.

  6. Dhrumil says:


    I am planning for 2 ton AC and we have gas leakage previously with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Daikin.

    Can you please suggest best brand which has epoxy coating and less chances of gas leakages?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Lavanay says:

      Go for LG AC. You can trust this brand not just for quality product but also for great service.

  7. Dhrumil says:

    Thanks for the reply Mr. Lavanay.

    We came across Mitsubishi Electric which comes with Anti corrosion coating.

    Also, Samsung & Voltas offers 5 Year Comprehensive warranty which includes gas recharge. Should we buy that or LG is preferred?

    • Lavanay says:

      I would recommend LG because it not just provides quality product, but good after sales service as well. With LG you can be sure of availability of spare parts as well. If company owned Mitsubishi service center is available in your area, then you can go ahead with Mitsubishi AC.

  8. Dhrumil says:

    okay thanks a ton. Samsung has came up with 5 Years comprehensive warranty so I think it will be good option since we don’t have to worry for 5 years for gas leakage issues.

  9. Dhrumil says:

    I am confused between Samsung / Voltas / Mitsubishi Electric.

    Samsung and Voltas have 5 year comprehensive warranty included.

    I am from Ahmedabad and have gas leakage issues in my area.

    Can you please suggest which one to go for?

  10. J S Bhandari says:

    Hi Sir, I purchased Godrej split AC inverter in 2019 but due to near drainage (Nallah) Gass leaked two times ie every year while it is rubber coated by Godrej Service centre in 2020 even then Gass leaked. Pl advice should I get it epoxy, Bluefin or Goldfin coated in the AC.

    • Lavanay says:

      Sell it out on OLX. And buy a new one, preferably a LG. And install it as far as possible from the nallah. This will save you money and time and keep you stress free.

  11. Ritu Parakh says:

    Sir there is a nullah near my house. So I m facing coil leakage every year. So I bought a O’General inverter ac thinking that it is a good quality AC…but even this AC is having coil leakage every year or even before one year..
    Plz suggest

    • Lavanay says:

      O’General makes powerful ACs but they miss on protective epoxy coating. Some ACs don’t even use copper coils but Aluminum. Such ACs face corrosion problem. The best you can do is – sell on OLX and purchase a LG AC next time.

      Alternatively, you can replace the coil on outer unit to pure copper coil with epoxy coating. This ofcource is a costly option and would need maintenance off-site.

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