Mi LED TV Price | Mi Smart TV Price of Bestsellers in India

If you are looking to buy a LED TV that comes with a large screen and several features, then you can safely purchase a Mi smart TV and be sure that you have got the best product for your money.  The best-selling TVs of Mi are reasonably priced and therefore affordable for all.

In 2018 Xiaomi, with its entry into the market of smart TV, proved that it was not just about mobile internet (Mi). Mi TVs fulfill Lei Jun’s vision to offer ‘Innovation for everyman’. They feature cutting edge technology in their TVs and make them absolutely affordable. That’s the way innovation is extended to them.

Mi LED TV Price & Best Sellers

Bestseller No. 1
MI 80 cm (32 inches) 5A Series HD Ready Smart Android LED TV L32M7-5AIN...
MI 80 cm (32 inches) 5A Series HD Ready Smart Android LED TV L32M7-5AIN...
Note : The brands, Mi and Xiaomi, are part of the same multinational conglomerate; Sound: 20 Watts Output | Dolby Audio, DTS Virtual: X, DTS-HD
Bestseller No. 2
Mi 80 cm (32 inches) Horizon Edition HD Ready Android Smart LED TV 4A |...
Mi 80 cm (32 inches) Horizon Edition HD Ready Android Smart LED TV 4A |...
Display : Bezel-less Design | LED Panel | Vivid Picture engine; Warranty Information: 1 Year Warranty on TV, 2 Years on Panel
Bestseller No. 3
MI 125.7 cm (50 inches) 5X Series 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Android TV L50M6-ES...
MI 125.7 cm (50 inches) 5X Series 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Android TV L50M6-ES...
Note : The brands, Mi and Xiaomi, are part of the same multinational conglomerate; Resolution : 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) Resolution | Refresh Rate : 60 Hertz
SaleBestseller No. 4
Intex 60 cm (24 inches) HD Ready LED TV LED-2419 (Black)
Intex 60 cm (24 inches) HD Ready LED TV LED-2419 (Black)
HD Ready HDTV with Nerrow Bezel Horizon Display; 24" Screen Size for Edge to Edge Entertainment

What We Like About Mi LED TV

Obviously, it is the very vision of the company’s CEO that we like most…Innovation for everyman. Because innovation is rooted in necessity. Necessity drives innovation. And when we talk about innovation it has to do with technological advancement. If technological advancement offers a solution that is accurate and reliable, then we can fairly say that it has quality. Mi LED TV has it.

What’s more, quality comes at quite an affordable price. Generally, people in India are very much concerned about the price of the product they want to purchase. They go from product to product, comparing each with the other, making assessment of which product is better than the other from the point of the features that makes them useful. They do compare brands but, ultimately, they end up buying something that strikes perfect balance between price and utility of a product. Most of them do not prefer to pay through the nose for the product of their choice.

Mi Smart TV Price

If you are such a customer, then Mi Smart TVs come as an obvious choice to you. They are considerably cheap when compared to other brands and, at the same time, they offer almost all the basic features that you find elsewhere.

The features that the Mi LED Smart TVs share with others include:

  1. Android, a platform that makes it smart, enabling you to access photos, videos, music, etc from your smartphone
  2. Built-in Wi-Fi that helps you wirelessly connect to the Internet
  3. Built-in Chromecast, Play Store and Google Assistant that come in for good to facilitate getting answers to your questions or accessing awesome variety of content and apps
  4. Gaming console
  5. Ease of access through PatchWall 3.0 which is the latest version, putting what is trending right on your home screen
  6. IR and Bluetooth remote
  7. HD and UHD display that provide feast of color and clarity of vision for the eye
  8. Sound system that supports both Dolby and DTS-HD
  9. Data Saver which saves a lot of data without reigning in your use
  10. HDMI and USB ports

Now, all these features are also found across all Mi TVs in general. However, you expect that there are models that feature different versions of Bluetooth, differing numbers of HDMI and USB ports, differing numbers of speakers and even variety of speaker types. You expect different resolutions and picture quality as well. Resolution and picture quality have not only to do with HD display but also with the kind of processor that is used for processing images.

If you take Mi 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Android Smart LED TV 4A PRO | L32M5-AL... , it comes with 1366×768 resolution. The factors that influence the picture quality include

  1. HD-ready display that delivers perfectly balanced contrast and brightness, colors and clarity
  2. A powerful Amlogic 64-bit A53 Quad-Core processor, a 7th generation imaging engine that efficiently reduces noise, calibrates images and boasts wide range of colors

Accompanying the picture quality is the two 20W speakers that, powered by DTS-HD, gives remarkable audibility and clarity to dialogues and creates cinematic surround sound effect.

For connectivity, it features Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and mobile data which is rendered absolutely efficient with Data Saver. Allied to the connectivity is the accessibility option. For content accessibility, it offers built-in Chromecast, Google Assistant and PatchWall 3.0. You can use these to access the content that comes from as many as 14 content partners. The built-in Google Play Store also enables you to make use of as many apps as are showcased in the Play Store. And if you are interested in games, then you have a gaming console.

Xiaomi makes all this available to you at a super affordable price. Most probably, the only competitor it has is Sanyo 80 cm (32 inches) Kaizen Series HD Ready Certified Android LED TV... . None other can beat it in this respect.

Switch on to Mi 43” Smart TV which again is priced very competitively. Now, if you look at the way Mi 43” is configured, most of the part it shares all the major features that you find in Mi 32” with the difference that it offers larger screen and 1920×1080 resolution. So, it is for these two features that you pay extra bucks.

If you want larger than 43” screen and 4K UHD resolution, you pay around ₹8000/- more and get Mi 50” that boasts 3840×2160 resolution that owes itself to Amlogic Cortex A53 64-bit processor and HDR 10-bit display that boasts 1.07 billion colors. The one detail in which it differs from other lower-end Mi TVs is the 2GB RAM.

Coming to the 55” TV, still it remains the same as Mi 50”. Only the screen grows larger by 5 inches and price goes higher by around ₹13,000/-. One good feature comes in the form of Carousel which helps you find the latest and most trending content across different categories. In a way, it’s good.

It is when you come to Mi 65” Smart LED that you begin to see some difference taking place in the configuration. While the resolution remains the same as that you find in Mi TV 50” and above. The difference we are talking about can be seen in…

  • 4K HDR 10+
  • 10-bit panel
  • Reality Flow
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 4 speakers that perfectly sound Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD audio and slim 2.25 inch woofer
  • Mediatek 64 bit Quad-Core A 55 Processor

Some of these features really call for our attention. One of these is the Reality Flow. It is a motion estimation, motion compensation (MEMC) chip. It is integrated in this Mi TV to add 24 fps when faced with the challenge of displaying 30 fps to 60 fps content. In other words, it increases the frame rates to the extent that it can heighten 30 fps content to around 120 fps. It results in smooth motion.

Even more important than Reality Flow is the Mediatek 64-bit Quad-Core A55 processor, which is more advanced than A53 in that it is more efficient than A53 both in terms of performance and saving cost on energy.

And when we say 4K HDR 10+, it means two things working together for producing excellent picture quality. 4K accounts for the sharpness and detailed rendition of images. Add to it HDR10+ which takes the image processing forward from HDR 10, and is responsible for high contrast and bright and colorful images. When it functions, the details of an image are brought out perfectly well in both the lightest and the darkest parts of it. One reason why HDR10+ is able to achieve this result lies in its dynamic metadata which keeps on updating in order to adjust color and brightness levels in each and every frame. Therefore, it comes very close to reality.

The 10-bit color panel has a color palette containing 1.07 billion colors. It means this panel produces 1024 shades of one color. One can well imagine the depth it lends to the representation of colors in images.

The 4 powerful speakers set up, which support Dolby Atmos and also DTS-HD with the help of DTS decoder, creates perfect surround sound effect to accompany the video.

Clearly, this is by far the best that Mi TV has to offer to its customers. And it comes at half the price when compared to similar LED TVs of other brands.

What We Don’t Like About Mi TV

Though Mi TVs are good both money-wise and quality-wise, they are not ‘innovative’ in the right sense of the word; rather they present to its loyal customers the innovations of others bundled together in its offerings which come at a very low price.

As for its performance, it surely cannot match with that of other premium brands like LG LED, SONY LED, and Samsung LED, especially if the quality of the source content is not very good.

Service Quality / After Sale Support of Mi TV

Mi TV customer service is generally good but surely not above reproach.

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Customer Reviews

These clearly reflect that for the price they pay for Mi TV, what they get in return is quite satisfactory. So, most of the part Mi customers don’t complain much about anything.

Final Verdict

Mi TVs are not best in their class; nevertheless they beat all their competitors at the price they set on their products and the features they pack them with.

Riya Menon

Last update on 2023-03-23 / Images from Amazon

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