Kurl On Mattress Price & Bestsellers in India (2023)

Looking for prices of Kurl on Mattress that comes with excellent comfort, look no further. Check this post for Kurl-on Mattress Price & more

Kurl-on is said to be India’s largest selling mattress brand. It is in the business since last 58 years. It shows considerable variety in its portfolio.

What is good about the brand is that it cares enough for its customers to offer them the choice of customized design in a given category.

Kurl On Mattress Price & Best Sellers

SaleBestseller No. 1
SaleBestseller No. 2
Kurl-On Mattress | Mattress Queen Bed, Natural Coir Mattress, 5-Inch Bed...
Kurl-On Mattress | Mattress Queen Bed, Natural Coir Mattress, 5-Inch Bed...
; WARRANTY: 2 Years Manufacturing Warranty
SaleBestseller No. 3
Kurl-On Mattress | Natural Coir + Memory Foam Quilt Mattress, 6-Inch Bed...
Kurl-On Mattress | Natural Coir + Memory Foam Quilt Mattress, 6-Inch Bed...
MATTRESS TYPE: Natural Coir and Memory Foam Quilt Mattress
SaleBestseller No. 4
Kurl-On Mattress | Mattress Single Bed, Natural Coir Pad Mattress, 4-Inch...
Kurl-On Mattress | Mattress Single Bed, Natural Coir Pad Mattress, 4-Inch...
EPE Foam - For extra support.; Knitted tapestry make it breathable and long-lasting.; Both side quilting gives to it enhanced durability and usability.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Kurl-On Mattress | Mattress Queen Bed, Dual Roll Pack Mattress, 6-Inch Bed...
Kurl-On Mattress | Mattress Queen Bed, Dual Roll Pack Mattress, 6-Inch Bed...
MATTRESS TYPE: Orthopedic Roll Pack; MATTRESS MATERIAL: Memory Foam; WARRANTY: 5 Years Manufacturing Warranty
SaleBestseller No. 7
Kurl-On Mattress | Mattress Queen Bed, Bonnell Spring Mattress, 6-Inch Bed...
Kurl-On Mattress | Mattress Queen Bed, Bonnell Spring Mattress, 6-Inch Bed...
MATTRESS TYPE: Bonnell Spring
; WARRANTY: 5 Years Manufacturing Warranty
SaleBestseller No. 8
Kurl-On Mattress | Mattress King Bed, Bonded Foam Mattress, 6-Inch Bed...
Kurl-On Mattress | Mattress King Bed, Bonded Foam Mattress, 6-Inch Bed...
; WARRANTY: 2 Years Manufacturing Warranty
SaleBestseller No. 9
Kurl-On 5-inch Single Size Coir Mattress (Maroon, 72x48x5)
Kurl-On 5-inch Single Size Coir Mattress (Maroon, 72x48x5)
Product Dimensions: Length (72 inches), Width (48 inches), Height (5 inches); Primary Material: Coir
SaleBestseller No. 10
Kurl-On Kurlo Coir Rubberised Mattress,Size (75x60),4' Inch,Maroon
Kurl-On Kurlo Coir Rubberised Mattress,Size (75x60),4" Inch,Maroon
Warranty Period: 2 Years Warranty.; Avoids bacteria, fungi & dust-mites.Protection against dust mites to avoid bad Odor.


What We Like About Kurl On Mattress

Support, Comfort & Durability…

These are the things that we like most in Kurl-on products. As it is, these largely depend on the kinds of materials and technologies used in their manufacture.

The materials used in these mattresses include springs, polyester, polycotton, jacquard fabric, top-class memory or high density (HD) or high resilience (HR) or bonded foams. These materials are dedicated to the designs which are scientifically bolstered up with innovative concepts and technologies that deliver products which are quite light in weight and offer considerable ease of usage, warding off sleeping disorders so that you can rise and shine every time you get up from your bed. The same materials also render them absolutely durable.

The innovative concepts we talked about pertains to the needs of the users. These innovative concepts are brought to fruition through a number of technologies such as

  1. Motion Separation Index which minimizes to the extreme any disturbance that might result from movement. It offers perfect rest to couples that share the same bed
  2. Ultra-Fresh is a technology that is similar to the Health-Fresh technology of Sleepwell mattresses and is quite effective in securing Kurl-on mattresses against germs and insects
  3. Advanced Center Densification (ACD) keeps the mattresses from sagging at pressure points that are exerted on it by angular and protruding body parts

Spring Mattresses

Spring mattress employs springs as supportive layer. The different kinds of springs used in them are

  1. Bonnell coils
  2. Continuous coils
  3. Encased coils &
  4. Offset coils

These coils are differently shaped and used in mattresses. Of these, the Bonnell coils have the shape of an hour-glass and made from steel. They are characterized by even distribution of body pressure on the mattress. There are conflicting views about their advantages for body. One view is that it aggravates pressure points; another is that it reduces them. Experience remains the best teacher.

The continuous coils are a support system constituted by a continuous piece of wire that is shaped into coils which form a spring system that fills out the entire length and breadth of a mattress. Then the whole thing is covered on both sides with foam layers which are secured with wadding made from recycled fabric of various kinds against the damage that the coils may cause. And to make it comfortable, quilting of soft material is used to top it off.

Encased coils or pocket springs are descriptions used for a system that is constituted of units of springs each of which is individually encased in their respective pocket. The advantage of such a structure in constructing a mattress is that when you lie on it, unlike the continuous coils system, only the springs which bear your weight get pressed down; other springs remain intact. So if you move in it, you won’t disturb your partner.

And, finally, the offset coils…which are knotted hour-glass shaped coils.

The Kurl-on spring mattresses that employ pocket spring system, hold the springs in pockets of Thermo Bond Felt which provide considerable security to the layers of the mattress against getting ruptured by the springs.

Since mattresses of this type are given plush firmness on both sides, both of their sides can be used. Characteristically, these mattresses provide good support for the back and they are also comfortable.

However, their benefits are not limited to their supportiveness and comfort. It is a sport to lie on it. If you are in a good mood, its bounciness will bear it up with utmost gaiety. Some are given increased comfort with pillow top design. The material that is generally used for making top layer is memory foam which is covered with sumptuous material that is used in upholstery.

Dream Sleep, Daze, Relish, Desire, etc are some of the Kurl-on products that belong to this category.

Foam Mattresses

These have a supportive layer of high density foam that not only bears the body weight but also takes away the heat that is produced when you lie on it, and keep it from sagging when subject to repeated use.

Products like Kurlo Coir Rubberised Mattress and Kurlon Magnum Coir Mattress are designed to offer ultra firmness. The firmness of the foam mattresses vary in keeping with the kind of foam used in their make. The products mentioned above are made from natural coir to supply its core and high resilience anti microbial foam on top of it which offers greater elasticity and durability. The highlight of these products is the use of ACD & VCT technology to give it necessary firmness that suits your spine.

In the high-end Sleep Station Mattress, high density expandable HR foam is used, and the core of which is formed by unique convoluted design that greatly enhances the flow of air through it. It also comes with ultra-lush zipper cover. But all this wouldn’t matter much if it would not give the utmost comfort conceivable. And it is so light that you can easily carry it with you during traveling.

For sleepers having bulky body, there are mattresses containing multiple layers to impart them the thickness that is required to support it. Such mattresses use a layer of transition foam over the stiff core in order to offer extra support to the layers which lie on top of it plus deep compression support. Transition foams are made from either memory foam or polyfoam having embedded carbon dioxide in it to lend it increased resilience.

The use of latex and rubberized coir in some of the products makes them quite bouncy and responsive to your body.

Therapeutic Mattress

This is for comforting bodies ailing from orthopedic disorders affecting spine, joints, muscles, ligaments, etc. It is made from such materials and designed in such a way that it considerably reduces pressure points and either relieves pain in your body or, at the very least, stops it from getting aggravated.

Please note that it is not offered as something that is curative but rather preventive. If you are suffering from any of the problems mentioned above, it is better for you to use it.

Some of the products that can be used to serve this problem include rubberized Kurlo Coir, Spine Kare, Kurl-on Ortho, Bond Coir and Kurlo Pure Coir mattresses.

Comfort Lovers’ Choice

Kurl-on products are greatly supportive to human form in supine posture, giving opportunity to the muscles of the back and extremities to get the much needed relaxation through comfort.

In the manufacture of such products high resilience (HR) or breathable bonded foam or memory foam or combination of all these are used. No less important is the arrangement of different layers and the materials used to provide the support and the comfort layers. Comfort layers also include the memory foam quilting that may use pillow-top or plush or memory foam.

Kurlon Mermaid, Kurlon Dream Sleep, Kurlon Relish, Kurlon Angelica, etc are some of the products that belong to different categories but share a common ground when it comes to comfort.

What We Don’t Like About the Kurl On Mattress

Before saying a word in this regard, let’s first acknowledge that there is nothing in the world that is 100% perfect. Something does go wrong somewhere. The same is also true about Kurlon mattresses. There ARE certain products in its lineup that have occasionally raised quite a few eyebrows due to manufacturing defect.

Certain customers complain about the product not coming true to the claims made for it. They wanted to buy soft mattresses and paid for the same but received something that caused them a lot of discomfort and also body ache. Some customers also complained about sagging mattresses.

When they registered complaint regarding the same, the response they received from the opposite end caused them headache as well. Therefore, it would avail you a lot to check the firmness of any product you are interested in before you go on to buy it.

Another problem with Kurl-on is that not all its products have ease of carriage.

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Service Quality / After Sale Support of Kurl On Mattress

As it is already implied, the service quality or the after sale support of the company is a matter of concern at times.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews make a truly authentic judgment on a given product; because they have bought it and used it. Their judgment on any given product is based on their experience. Therefore, it is always good to check out customer reviews on a number of different platforms at the same time that you go through product specifications and descriptions.

Final Verdict

Kurl-on mattresses are good and most of the part reasonably priced. But you do well if you know what exactly your requirements are and browse a list of products with careful attention to their specifications in order to avoid any unpleasant situation after purchase is being made.

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