What’s the Best Wet Grinder in India 2023

Looking out for the best wet grinder in India? Well, then our advice to you is to make it an informed decision. We are here to help you do that. We are perfectly equipped with the professional expertise to deliver it. For this purpose, we have reviewed for you some of the best wet grinders available in the market.

In drawing upon the products reviewed here, we have taken careful note of how variedly this market is segmented and which are the particular factors that influence them.

It goes without saying that the factors influencing them are many. However, Indian markets are bustling with products that have the capacity to deliver their goods for each and every segment that can be identified in the market.

Why You Need a Wet Grinder

We understand well the need you have for this kitchen appliance. Mixer grinder, blender, etc have already served their purpose in your kitchen. And, by experience you know how greatly the taste of food relies on the processes through which it passes before it comes to be served at your table.

Food ingredients like grated coconuts, poppy seeds, soaked grains, various masala, etc can be turned into a paste with the help of your mixer grinder. But, as you must have noticed, the end result is lacking in the consistency that is required for various dishes in which they are used. It directly affects the taste of the recipe. The result of mortar and pestle, too, isn’t up to the mark. In fact, it is worse even than the mixer grinders.

On the other hand, the ingredients which are grounded on saddle querns do take time to be ground but when you eat the food prepared with them, you will clearly notice the difference in the taste it gives. It is infinitely better than the taste of food in which you use ingredients ground in your mixer grinder. Therefore, in many parts of India people are still using saddle querns for preparing certain recipes.

But now the time has changed greatly, technological innovation has answer for every human need conceivable. The wet grinders are one such answer. They make use of grinding stones for preparing batters, and different kinds of blade and scrappers for kneading atta or scraping coconuts. And the result they produce is exactly the same that you expect from manual labor. Now it is absolutely hassle-free to prepare fine batter for recipes like idli, dosai, mendu wada, etc. You get the exact taste of Indian culinary tradition.

The Criteria Used for Selecting the Best Wet Grinders

We have used the following criteria in passing value judgment on the products that we have reviewed for you:

  • Size of the stones
  • Number of stones
  • Type of stones
  • Capacity
  • Capacity of the motor
  • Energy efficiency and ease of maintenance
  • Brand name
  • Price
  • Durability
  • Customer reviews

Top 8 Best Wet Grinder in India 2023


1. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Table Top Wet Grinder, 2L (White/Purple)

Product specifications:

  • 150-Watt Motor
  • Conical grind stones
  • Noiseless & vibration free operation
  • 2 liters capacity
  • Food grade plastic
  • SS304 stainless steel drum
  • 5 years on product

If you buy Elgi Ultra Grind+ table top wet grinder, you will not help feeling grateful while using it. You’ll even congratulate yourself for having chosen the best wet grinder that Indian market could offer in 2023.

It is possible that you’ve been using mixer grinders for making idli/dosa batter, grinding grated coconut, etc because you didn’t know that appliance like wet grinder was available to you in the market. Well, now you know. And let’s assure you that it performs the tasks, such as making fine batter, chutney, kneading atta, scrapping coconuts, like a breeze.

This wet grinder is no waster of time. When its powerful motor sets its patented conical grinding stones going, it can wet grind rice or dal fine in just 30 minutes. The good thing about these stones is that they are designed to resist fast wearing out.

The 2 liters of batter that it can turn out in no time will suffice for a small or medium size family.

If it works great, it looks no less. And it is also very durable. It is made from rust proof material and good quality polymer. It is made to last.



2. Panasonic Ultimate Wet Grinder – 240 Watts


Product specifications:

  • 240W motor
  • 3D Alpha Flow technology
  • 2 liters capacity
  • Safety lock
  • 304 grade stainless steel drum
  • 2 years warranty on product & 5 years on motor

This is a trendy product by Panasonic India. It looks beautiful and will surely enhance the looks of any kitchen that will have it. It is absolutely compact and won’t require much countertop space. In fact, this is no small advantage, particularly if your kitchen is not spacious.

Panasonic Wet Grinder

Though it looks small, it has the capacity to hold 2 liters of content. And the way it works on its content is just superb. It features 3D alpha flow technology which makes this machine at least 15% more efficient at grinding. 

Another innovation in this machine is the spatula slot on lid, which allows to check the batter without opening the lid. It can also be used to push the batter or add more water. This considerably boosts the grinding operation and ease of use.

Apart from these, it makes the lowest amount of noise during operation, when compared to other wet grinders in the list.

The downside is that the unit does not come with atta kneader and coconut scrapper.




3. Bajaj WX1 150-Watt Table Top Wet Grinder (White)


Product specifications:

  • 150W motor
  • 2 liters capacity
  • Ss202 stainless steel drum
  • Rust proof materials
  • Superior quality stones for bottom grinding
  • LED indicator
  • 5 years warranty

This is the best product that comes at an extremely affordable price possible in India. And it has all the necessary features that would make it a perfect companion to you in your kitchen.

It is made from Ss202 stainless steel drum and rust proof body that give it long life. The 5 year warranty Bajaj offers on it is a proof of its durability.

The drum has 2 liters capacity that is more than enough for a small family.

The other features include the standard 150W motor and the regular mechanism of base stone and a pair of cylindrical stones geared to it. The top lock is easy to use and nicely locks the roller shaft in place and also exerts pressure on the stones for better grinding.

The thing is that the atta kneader and coconut scrapper are not included with the unit. So you don’t expect it to perform too many tricks for you.

It is the kind of product to which we cannot lend value with verbiage; rather it proves its worth with a performance that returns a lot more than what you spend for it. You will surely agree with us when you taste the first homemade idli or dosa or medu wada that you make with its help.

Indeed, at the given price, Bajaj WX1 wet grinder is doubtlessly the best in its class.



4. Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 08, 200 watt Wet Grinder


Product specifications:

  • 200W motor
  • High quality grinding stones
  • 2 liters capacity
  • Stainless steel drum

This offering from the brand Prestige, whatever you choose to call it, is described as ‘classic’. When the term ‘classic’ is used, it is always unfailingly and uncompromisingly associated with tradition. Individual companies like Prestige may add to it individual talent, so to say, but it is sure to work within the framework provided by the tradition.

What Prestige aims to accomplish through this wet grinder is not introduce some innovation in the grinding technology or manufacturing materials or something along this line; rather it aims to perfect the tradition by tenaciously sticking to it.

The 2 liter capacity of the drum, the material used in it, cylindrical grinding stones, the positioning of the stones, top lock, 200w heavy duty motor. There is nothing new in all these technical specifications. Other wet grinders also have the same features in their make. So, this product is in no way unique in the right sense of the word. If we are to search for its merit, it is to be found in its performance. It is flawless. And the taste it lends to traditional Indian dishes is above reproach.

Looking at it this way, Prestige wet grinder is the best in its class in India.



5. Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder, 2L (White) with Coconut Scrapper Attachment, 150W

Product specifications:

  • 150W single phase high torque motor
  • 2 liters capacity
  • Detachable stainless steel drum
  • Shock proof ABS body
  • 4 way grinding system
  • 2 stones
  • 2 years warranty on motor and product

Butterfly is not known for offering anything that will surprise; rather it always serves quality at an affordable price.

This Butterfly Smart wet grinder provides a good example of it. It has nice-looking ABS shock proof body, and a detachable stainless steel drum that is not only strong but also rust proof.

It has 150W single phase high torque motor that powers the unit of a pair of cylindrical stones and a base stone. The grinding stones exert uniform pressure and form a 4-way grinding system that effectively grinds wet ingredients into fine batter.

If the grinding operation generates heat, to avoid overheating situation it has a ventilator. The good thing is that the grinding operation takes no more than about 20 minutes to complete. So it’s really fast. It makes your job of making batter having perfect consistency infinitely easy.

This wet grinder does come with one item of accessory, that is, the coconut scrapper.

Perhaps, to your ear this might sound a common preposition but a common doesn’t stand for quality. This wet grinder does stand for quality. And if you can have it @ ₹ 4,299, you can’t ask more from it.



6. Butterfly Hippo Table Top Wet Grinder, 2L (Cherry)

Product specifications:

  • 150W motor
  • 2 liters capacity
  • Detachable stainless steel drum
  • Uniform grinding pressure and 4 way grinding system
  • ABS body
  • 2 stones
  • 2 years warranty on motor and product

The configuration of this wet grinder is in no way different from the previous product. It is almost the same barring the color. It also replicates the performance of Butterfly Smart. So, let’s talk about the performance straightaway.

It largely depends on the workings of motor and grinding stones. The stones are so positioned in the drum and their movements are so organized that it brings about what is described as ‘4 way grinding system’. Herein lies the real innovation.

It hardly matters whether you are wet grinding rice or different kinds of pulses, it works perfectly. The process does take time and also makes some noise; but that is worth it. You cannot expect the end-result to be better than that. And if you find any fault with it, it is not in the machine but with the process you subjected the ingredients to before wet grinding them. Either you haven’t soaked them well or you failed to pour required amount of water for the desired consistency.

In other words, the performance partly depends on your culinary skills as well. Cooking is an art; and art requires imagination as well as proficiency. Imagination comes natural to a person whereas proficiency comes by experience.

To put it plainly, you need to gather experience of using this appliance for wet grinding different ingredients like rice, urad dal, lentils, masalas, grated coconut, etc. You’ll know how to get the best results from your wet grinder very soon.

What’s more, you won’t find it troublesome to clean the unit after use. The only problem is with the weight of the stones. Stones are quite heavy. That is the downside of this product when compared with costlier products.

To make the long story short, you can’t ask for more at the price you pay for it. And what it offers is enough.



7. Wonderchef Nutri- Blend Complete Kitchen Machine, 22000 RPM

Product specifications:

  • 400W heavy duty motor
  • 1 liter capacity
  • 2 stainless steel drums
  • Uniform grinding pressure and 4 way grinding system
  • ABS body
  • Cylindrical grinding stones
  • 2 years warranty on motor and 2 years on product

Want authentic tasting idli or dosa or medu wada? You can have it with Wonderchef grinder. This wet grinder is an offering from an internationally acclaimed kitchen appliance brand of India.

Wonderchef products are known for their unique and elegant designs. This wet grinder too does not lack in these respects. It has a compact design that occupies little countertop space.

Its outer body is made from ABS plastic. It ensures long life for the product. Also, concerned with durability is the stainless steel drum having the capacity to hold 2 liters. This drum is not only durable, it also resists corrosion from taking place.

Now let’s turn to have a look at its inside. Here you see a pair of cylindrical grinding stones that turn on a base stone. The top lock perfectly keeps the stone assembly in its place and at the same time exert the required level of pressure on the grinding stones in order to offer uniform grinding of the batter.

It is good that the unit comes with three differently sized grinding units for different purposes. Coconut scrapper is also a very handy device when time calls for it. It scraps coconut safely and with ease.

The atta kneader adds to the versatility of the product and enhances its utility. It’s quite amazing the efficiency and speed with which it performs the task of kneading.

However, when it comes to using this wet grinder for kneading operation, few things need to be taken care of. Before you begin it, apply oil on the inner surface of the drum and then only add atta and salt in it. As it these are getting turned in the drum, slowly add water in it. Continue to do so until the dough has the consistency that you are looking for in order to be able to roll out chapattis without any problem. It there is no problem with it, each chapatti will perfectly puff up. You not only have them soft but also have the taste that is traditionally associated with it.

To look at all the exhilarating features it offers, Wonderchef Grinder is undeniably one of the best wet grinder in India to seek after in 2023.



8. Premier Wonder Tabletop Wet Grinder (1.5L)

Product specifications:

  • 200-Watt Motor
  • 5 liters capacity
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Superior quality stones for bottom grinding
  • 1 years manufacturing warranty

This wet grinder is called Premier Wonder…There is a reason why it is called wonder and we are going to discuss it.

To begin with, it is pretty simple to look at. You cannot expect a more pragmatically designed product than this. It sits on your table top without occupying much space. It’s absolutely portable.

Easy portability is one thing and its functional excellence is quite another. It allows you to grind up to 1.5 liters of content which is enough for a small or medium size family. The drum is made from stainless steel and is quite sturdy.

The mechanism for grinding operation remains the same. The two cylindrical stones turn on the base stone to grind whatever ingredients you want to.

For better results, some practical understanding is required. The content to be ground must be soaked first to make it tender. Then you put it into the drum and run it. And as it runs, you add water as per the required consistency. If you add water at the start, it would badly affect the grinding operation and you won’t have the desired results. And once the batter is ready, the unit is absolutely easy to clean.

Do not hesitate to buy this product…It is one of the best wet grinders in India.



Best Wet Grinder in India 2023 – A Buying Guide

The term ‘grinders’ might sound misleading for some, making them draw on the images of mixer grinders that they have been using.

Wet grinders are a lot different from mixer grinders and offer the results that you cannot expect from them. It is a kind of conceptual mixture that incorporates both the technology used in mixers and electric flour mills. They not only feature blades but also grinding stones and they are made for a purpose that is completely different from those that drive the designs of mixers and flour mills. You can’t expect mills and mixers to do things like scrap coconuts and dough kneading.

Scrapping coconuts is totally risk-free with the wet grinders that feature coconut scrappers. Even more impressive is the dough kneading operation. When you look at it from the transparent lead and see the way atta, oil, water, etc slowly moving and mixing in the drum, you can hardly imagine that the motion could result in the end-result that you can expect from manual labor.

But, surprisingly, the dough kneader ends up performing the task so efficiently that it perfectly matches with manually done work. Big advantage, here, is that you don’t have to spoil your hands. Many don’t like having the dough sticking on their fingers and hands. For them, this facility comes as a boon. Because it offers hands-free operation.

Let’s consider this exciting device in some detail.

The Purpose behind Buying a Wet Grinder

The purpose behind buying a wet grinder determines what kind and size of wet grinder you need for it. If you want it for domestic use, then you should seek a product that is configured for that purpose. If you want it for professional use, then you need something else that is fitted for that. There is no rocket science in it.

If you put the kind of quantity that is required for domestic use in a professional grinder, it would churn out a ghost instead of batter. As sure as you are alive, you don’t need it. The result of a right choice is always happy. Break this rule and it could produce any of the different shades of unhappiness that a temperamental spectrum of an individual could produce upon getting one’s expectations dashed.

Types of Wet Grinders

There are three types of wet grinders available in the market. These are:

  • Regular wet grinders
  • Table top wet grinders
  • Tilted wet grinders

The Regular wet grinders are meant for handling large quantities and are used for professional purposes. They are also good for large families, having to prepare food in large quantities for several members of a family on regular basis. Because they have to grind much, their size is also quite capacious. They are also heavy.

Table top wet grinders are meant for domestic use and are absolutely portable, requiring very less countertop space. They are a perfect fit for small and medium size families.

The tilted wet grinders are just like the table top wet grinders with the difference that they come with the mechanism to enable you to tilt them to remove the content.

Also Read:

Certain Tech Specs to Look Out For

  • The stones: These make for one of the most important elements in a wet grinder that play vital function in it. The consistency of the ingredients that you grind in it largely depends upon the stones. There are products available in the market that come with 1 or 2 or 3 stones. In principle the greater the number of stones, the better the end-result. But for domestic use, 2 stones will suffice. Along with the number of stones, their size, too, influence the outcome.

But that is not all. There is more to the grinding stones. It is the shape… The stones used in a wet grinder could be conical, cylindrical or round shaped. They say that the conical shape stones produce greater output. Here, it must be added that there are also other factors that influence the output and not just the shape of the stones.

Other factors may include the positioning of the stones in the drum. It is the position of the drums that account for certain kind of motion taking place in its content. This motion helps the grinding process to perform the task in uniform manner.

  • The motor: This is the most important element in this kitchen appliance; because the entire grinding operation depends upon its strength. The higher its wattage, the faster it turns the stones, and the better the batter. The motor that provides higher rate of rotation per minute is more to be desired. The higher the wattage of a motor, the faster the grinding operation.

Therefore, while choosing a product for yourself, compare the wattages or volts offered by a product. It is advisable that you choose the one that comes with a higher wattage (or voltage). It is designed for heavy duty performance.

  • Capacity: Depending on the size of the family, its requirements may vary. Normally, for small families, 2L capacity would suffice. But there are available in the market products of which capacity ranges from 1 liter to 10 liters.

Another factor that drives the choice of capacity is the purpose. It is not necessary that only professional use calls for greater capacity product. Occasion too may require it.

  • The materials used in it: Most wet grinders come with stainless steel drum which is made to last. And the outer body is made from high quality polymers.
  • Multi-tasking: If you read through customer reviews, often you come across regrets concerning having just the wet grinder for what they paid. They expected to get dough kneader and coconut scrapper with it but didn’t.

As it is, the wet grinders can produce perfectly consistent batter for idli, dosai, etc. But they can do other tasks already named equally efficiently. Most prestigious brands offer this item as a package that includes facility for making batter, kneading dough, scrapping coconuts, etc.

Especially, important for single men is how to manage their pantry, and at the same time, manage their time. It is extremely difficult for them because they also have to look after their jobs. It is noticed that most men can cook vegetables and rice but when it comes to preparing chapatti, it is difficult for them. It requires both skill and time. Very often even working women are not good at it.

But, as it is, from time immemorial bread is referred to as the staff of life and so it is. We cannot do without it. Here’s where the dough kneader comes in to make the task absolutely easy. It performs this task so well that the consistency of the dough perfectly matches the results of manually done work. All you have to do is put dough, salt, oil and water one by one and gradually add the required amount of water until you get the consistency you want.

The dough having proper consistency is essential for making perfect chapatti. The hands-free operation is no small advantage for many who don’t like to stick their hands into dough.

The coconut scrapper, too, is quite useful; because we know that scrapping it manually sometime involves risking scrapping off the skin of your hand. Apart from this risk, there is the problem of having the coconut shell get stuck in the cutting edges of a scrapper or grater. It is quite bothersome. And it is also time consuming.

The coconut scrapper keeps you free from all that is bothersome. The whole task is mechanically done with speed and perfection. When these preliminary tasks are made trouble-free, cooking becomes fast and easy.

  • Digital timer: This feature is extremely useful because it allows you to set time before the grinding operation actually starts. So, when the grinding operation is over, the device automatically switches off. Of course, before it turns off, it does sound a beep-beep sound.

Herewith, we reach the end of the technical specifications that you should look out for while buying a wet grinder. The wet grinder that incorporates all the basic functional elements along with a benchmark innovation that is identified with the manufacturing brand, is ideal for you. But if it is not pocket-friendly, then you may have to make compromise. This surely does not mean compromising quality. By compromise we mean to say that you may have to go for a product that does not offer as many features as a high-end product does. Looking from the point of view of a performance, it may be as good as the costlier one.

Best Wet Grinder in India – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wet grinder?

It’s an appliance for grinding scraped coconut, lentils, and soaked grains into a fine paste. Some models can be used for kneading dough as well.

Can wet grinder be used as a grinder?

No. There is an express instruction written on product pages that for tough grinding mixer grinders with higher wattages are to be used. Wet grinders don’t feature motors with power that is generally expected in appliances for tough grinding.

Why do I need a wet grinder instead of a mixer grinder?

A wet grinder produces less heat than a mixer grinder and, therefore, it does not adversely affect the flavor of what is being ground. Another thing, the stones of a wet grinder last longer than the blades of a mixer. It is known by experience that it takes a long, long time before the grinding operation changes the grain or texture of the stones.

What is the capacity range of wet grinders?

Wet grinders have the capacity that ranges from 1 liter to 15 liters.

What precautions I should take while using a wet grinder?

Make the drum thoroughly clean before and after using it. Fit the grinding stones properly before grinding operation. Do not run it without putting the ingredients in the drum first. If you do, it would damage the grains of the stones and causing damage to them. If they get damaged thus, it would directly affect the end-result of grinding. Finally, do not try to grind tough ingredients in it. It is a wet grinder and is to be used as such.

What can be ground in wet grinders?

Soaked lentils, pulses, grains, scrapped coconut, etc.

How to clean a wet grinder after use?

Just put water in it and run it. There are some wet grinders that come with batter cleaner for cleaning the stones.

How wet grinder works?

Wet grinder uses an assembly of granite stones which rotate inside a SS drum with the help of a motor. This motion crushes food grains between a pair of grinding stones and the base stone.

Best Wet Grinders in India 2023: Conclusion

With confidence we recommend that you buy the products that we have reviewed. These are, indeed, the best wet grinders to be sought out in 2023. You can safely rely upon them for their quality and reliability. We have chosen them from the best wet grinder brands in India. There response in answering the manifold requirements of the kitchen appliance market in India has been robust.

Importantly, while taking into consideration the technical specifications of the products, we have also kept one eye on the price tag that is attached to them. So, it doesn’t matter which economically classified section of the society you belong to, you will find something for you here.

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