Best Treadmill in India For Home Use: 2023 Top Home Treadmills

Treadmill is one of the best tools that enable you to have a nice workout at home. Of course, it is always desirable that you go for jogging outdoors in the open air…early in the morning or whatever time that fits you.

But, the problem is that nowadays the outdoor situation has changed considerably. Many places are dog-infested and, therefore, if you run past these, the four-footers will consider being invited by you, a mere two-footer, to play tag with you or even embolden them to make for you, thinking that you are running from them. In other places, it is the weather condition that would not allow you to go for walking or running in outdoor setting.

Going to the gym for workout on treadmill is also good but in the post-Corona world, it is certainly not safe to go to any closed-in place. The only option left to you is to get one for home usage and enjoy a good workout at whatever time that suits you or whenever you are in a mood for it.

Mood! That, too, is important consideration; because it is simply not practical for professionals to come home after a long day’s work, get fresh and, then, go out for gym again. It is the time when you are not mentally and physically prepared for it. It is a matter of doubt how long you may continue such a routine even if you begin it enthusiastically. If you are able to do it consistently, then hats-off to you. You are not an ordinary person. Such tenacity, long-suffering and personal care only extraordinary people have.

Going to a gym is also not a good way to manage time. It may take considerable time to go to a gym and coming back home. If it is nearby, then no problem; but if it is far, then it may cost you a lot of your time. Better save it for recreation and spending with your family.

Taking all things into consideration, we have come up with a perfect solution for a home workout for you. The treadmills that we have hand-picked for you are offered by the best brands. The features that are offered in them and their price range assign them to their respective category, and within that category, they are certainly the best.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Treadmill

  • Maximum speed
  • Degree of incline or decline
  • Built-in programs
  • Entertainment option
  • Internet connectivity
  • Performance feedback, milestones to choose from
  • Performance record
  • Internet coaching through camera built into the treadmill console
  • Maximum walking and running weight
  • Durability
  • Dimensions of the walking/running surface
  • Foldable or not
  • Ease of usage &
  • Warranty

Best Treadmill in India For Home Use

1. Cockatoo CTM-101 DC Motorised Treadmill – Best If you weight upto 90 Kg


  • 6 x 16.5”” running surface
  • 5 HP peak DC motor
  • 3 Level Manual Incline
  • 8 to 14.8 Km/hr speed range
  • 5” LCD display
  • Maximum user weight while walking is 120 Kg and while running 90 Kg
  • Steel crowns roller keep belt centered and running smoothly to reduce noise
  • 3-year warranty on motor, 1 year on parts and lifetime warranty on the frame

Cockatoo CTM-101 Stainless-Steel Manual Incline 2.5 HP – 5 HP Peak DC Motorized Treadmill is one of the best budget treadmill for home. It incorporates all the features that are needed for thorough workout.

One of the big advantages of this device is that it is foldable. So, when it is not in use, you can easily put it in a place that would not make it cumbersome. Whenever you want to use it, just take it out in the most suitable place for workout and then kick the hydraulic tube that is located under the walking surface and it gently comes down in a hands-free manner. In technical terms they call it hydraulic soft-drop system (HSS).

Its SS body is quite strong and can bear the weight of up to 90 Kg if a person is running. And if he is walking, the machine won’t mind if he weighs 120 Kg.

The motor used in it has 2.5HP strength for continuous usage and 5HP for peak. With this capacity, it can cover 14.8 Km/hr. It reads quite decent on its 5” LCD display. But it shows you more than just that. It also indicates time, calories burnt, pulse and heart rate.

On the handrails are given the buttons which are pressed when you hold them. The sensors that are built into these buttons measure your heart rate. Not just that; you can also calculate your BMI.

t 1

One of the most important features in a treadmill is the walking or running surface that is provided for it. It renders the user safe by allowing him the necessary freedom of movement. This device offers you 49.6 x 16.5” running surface that is made easy on your feet through shock absorption mechanism. It’s perfectly comfortable for the user. But for further safety, a safety clip is provided which is to be attached with any part of your cloth. If you fall down accidently, the clip would make the safety key stop the machine.

The belt of the treadmill is kept in the center because of the rollers that are crowned with steel. The SS crown also contributes to low noise when the rollers move.

In order to adjust the tilt of the walking surface in order to provide you with various levels of exertion, 3 levels of inclination are given. But you have to adjust these levels manually. It is up to you to decide what level of exertion you want to take.

But, the point of the machine does not lie in exertion. If it is not done scientifically, it doesn’t help you much. From the point of view of health benefit, even more important than the 3-level inclination are the 12 pre-set programs that come inbuilt with the machine.

Finally, to make you last longer on the machine, there is given a USB port for tapping into some lively music in order to keep you going for long on the treadmill. You may get tired in its absence.

The question is, “What more can you expect from it?”

Cockatoo CTM-101 Stainless-Steel Manual Incline 2.5 HP – 5 HP Peak DC Motorized Treadmill is a complete solution for workout at home at the given price.



2. Sparnod Fitness STH-6000 Automatic Treadmill – Best If you weight upto 115 Kg


  • 1-18% Auto Incline for intense workout
  • 15.6-inch LCD touch screen with Wi-Fi, Google Chrome, and  Youtube
  • 140 Kg maximum weight of the user
  • 3 HP DC motor  (6 HP Peak)
  • 1 to 15.0 Km/hr speed
  • Speed Select Hot Keys
  • 51 x 20 inch running area
  • 12 Pre-set programs for efficient workout
  • Mobile and table holder for safe keeping smart devices while running
  • Multi-Function massager, sit-ups, massager,  and more.
  • Hydraulic Softdrop System (HSS) for easy folding and unfolding
  • Wheels for Easy Transportation
  • 3-year warranty on motor, 1 year on parts

Sparnod Fitness STH-6000 Smart Folding Electric Treadmill keeps you abreast of life…by keeping your body in good shape. It enables you to face all the challenges of life with brave front.

The first look of this machine impresses us with its large control panel, 15.6 inch LCD touch screen and sleek walking deck. All the wealth of features it has, are there on the control panel, making it extremely easy to use.

You start it with On/Off button. And, you can incline it at whatever angle you want to. There are as many as 15 levels of exertion to choose from. How difficult you want the climbing to be? Auto Incline will set it up for you with the press of a button. Doing it manually is certainly not as easy as that.

Then, there are speed settings that can enable you to cover up to 15 Km/hr. It is good that you can increase the speed both from the control panel and the + and – buttons given on the handles. Along with speed controls, there are also buttons for tracking heart rate.

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The speed of the treadmill owes itself to 3.0HP DC motor. It is capable of 6HP peak. The machine, enabled with such a powerful motor, can bear up to 140Kg weight of the user in walking mode and 115 kg in running mode.

Another detail that you find on the control panel is time. The timer shows how much time you spend on the treadmill. It gives no little satisfaction of seeing how much calories you have burnt. This and the heart rate – both let you know your fitness level, and boost your confidence. It will keep you going for long enough to see physical changes taking place.

There are 12 preset programs and 3 target based modes for the purpose. Apart from these, this machine also features multi-function massager, twister for your waist and some other useful elements.

Finally, there is WiFi and Google Chrome browser available on this machine that can be used to access Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, or any other website. So, you can watch a movie or play music while working out. Playing music could divert mind in such a way that you won’t get bored of your workout sessions.

If you want workout to be fun, Sparnod Fitness STH-6000 Treadmill is the device for you.



3. PowerMax Fitness TDA-500 3HP Motorized Treadmill – Best If you weight upto 125 Kg


  • 1” x 19.6” running surface
  • Hydraulic Softdrop System (HSS) for easy folding and unfolding
  • Semi-Auto Lubrication for easy maintenance
  • 360 degree rotating bottom
  • Mobile & tablet holder for safe keeping these devices while running
  • Wheels for easy transportation

PowerMax Fitness TDA-500 3HP (6HP Peak) is the coolest of the devices that we chose for review. It has a truly luxurious look due to its sleek red LED digital display and smart touch controls.

Its steel body looks quite hefty and it weighs 105 Kg. That’s quite heavy. Nevertheless it is rendered absolutely easy to move around due to wheels, and the 360 degree rotating bottom makes it extremely easy to change its direction. It is made to endure the weight up to 150 Kg.

t 3

But, its unique selling points certainly include its 6HP Peak motor, the 55.1” x 19.6” diamond wave running belt, and 20 Km/hr speed. The largeness of the running track and power spring shock absorption technique used in it make you feel pretty comfortable. It’s like driving on 8 lanes National Highway. It’s up to you to move uphill or trudge along the straight path. If you love to take up challenges, then the 15-level inclination is there. You can tilt it with a push of a button.

And, of course, there is heart rate tracker and indicator for burnt calories. The option for music comes in for good to contribute positively to both.

Indeed, PowerMax Fitness TDA-500 3HP (6HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill boasts a state that you cannot have at a lower rate. So, be prepared to pay the prize upfront and reap its rewards for years to come…years full of health.



4. Durafit Royal 6 HP Peak DC Motorized Treadmill – Max User Weight 120 Kg


  • 1430 x 530 mm running surface
  • 3 HP Continuous (6HP Peak) motor capacity
  • 1 to 20 Km/hr speed
  • Maximum weight 150 kg walking / 120 Kg running
  • 22 levels of auto inclination
  • LCD computerized screen with 2 Loudspeakers and Aux cable
  • 1 year free subscription of Fitwarz – an immersive fitness game
  • BMI & Heart Rate Sensor
  • 1 year warranty on parts and 3 years warranty on motor

Durafit Royal 6 HP Motorized Treadmill has a sufficient deck having the dimensions of 56 x 21 inch. It is helped by a powerful motor having 3HP continuous and 6HP peak capacity. This configuration is surely one of the best in its category, enabling you to run at the speed of 20 Km/hr. That’s absolutely human.

t 4

If you want to do heavy exercise, then there are 22-level auto inclination for it. There are machines that offer more levels but, practically, even two will be considered enough. And this you know only by experience. What is the use of winding up early if the highest degree of inclination tires you out sooner? Better pursue fitness goals somewhat humbly…or if the term humbly hurts you, then let’s say wisely. 

It is capable of supporting 120 Kg weight for running and 150 kg for walking. You’ll literally regret it if you weigh more than that…regret because of missing out on the advantages that it offers to its users.



5. PowerMax Fitness® TDM-99  – Best If you weight upto 85 Kg


  • 0HP DC motor
  • 3 levels of manual inclination for intense workout
  • Blue LCD display showing time, speed, distance, calories burnt and heart rate
  • Maximum user weight up to 110 Kg
  • 0 to 14.0 Km/hr speed
  • Hot keys for speed selection
  • 12 pre-set programs for workout and 3 target based modes
  • 2” x 15.9” running surface
  • Connectivity through AUX cable for playing music
  • Mobile and tablet holder for securing these devices while running
  • Hydraulic softdrop system (HSS) for easy folding and unfolding
  • Wheels for easy transportation
  • 3-year warranty on motor, 1 year on parts and lifetime on frame

PowerMax Fitness® TDM-99 Series Motorized Light Weight, Foldable, Electric Treadmill is one of the best budget treadmills available in the market.

t 5

Barring the counts of inclination levels, which are to be adjusted manually, and the 45.2” x 15.9” walking surface, this machine has all the features that costlier treadmills offer.

If you are the kind of person who does not want to spend more and yet would have all the useful features that costly products have, then PowerMax Fitness® TDM-99 is for you. In it you’ll find the best of both the worlds.



Feature Comparison Table

  Power (HP) Max User Weight Other Features
Cockatoo CTM-101 2.5 HP Continuous 5 HP Peak Running 90 kg, Walking 120 kg 5 Inch LCD display, AUX IN, USB Port, Manual Incline, speed range: 0.8-14.8 km/hour. Warranty – 1 year on product, 3 years on motor. 
Sparnod Fitness STH-6000 3 HP Continuous 6 HP Peak Running 115 kg, Walking 140 kg 15.6-inch LCD touch screen display with Wi-Fi, Hi Fi speakers, AUX IN, USB Port, Auto Incline, speed range: 1-15 km/hr. Warranty – 1 year on product, 3 years on motor. 
PowerMax Fitness TDA-500 3 HP Continuous 6 HP Peak Running 125 kg, Walking 150 kg Red LED screen display, Hi Fi speakers, AUX IN, USB Port, Auto Incline, speed range: 0.8-20 km/hr. Warranty – 1 year on product, 3 years on motor.
PowerMax Fitness® TDM-99 2 HP Continuous 3.5 HP Peak Running 85 kg, Walking 110 kg LCD display, AUX, Speakers, Manual Incline, speed range: 1-14 km/hour. Warranty – 1 year on product, 3 years on motor.
Fitkit FT100 1.75 HP Continuous 3.25 HP Peak Running 80 kg, Walking 110 kg LCD display, AUX IN, USB Port, Manual Incline, speed range: 0.8-14 km/hour, 1 Year warranty 


Best Treadmill in India 2023 – Important Tips

This buying guide is meant both for those who haven’t used a treadmill before and those that have. We have endeavored not to make it too technical. We firmly believe that technicalities are not what the prospective buyers look out for; rather they want to know what to buy and why. We have designed this guide from the consumers’ perspective and we believe they will find it extremely helpful.

Types of Treadmill

Best Treadmill in India For Home Use
Active young woman running on treadmill with guy on background

So far we know about three types of treadmill: 1. Manual treadmill 2. Folding treadmill and 3. Automatic treadmill.

Manual treadmill comes without motor. Therefore, you have to put in your own efforts and strength to move the belt of the treadmill under your feet. It comes very cheap, compared to motorized treadmills, and, in addition, saves you a few bucks that would otherwise be spent on energy. Also, it lasts long.

Folding treadmill and automatic treadmill – both share a lot many features in common. But the latter is quite heavy and though it can be moved about on wheels, it cannot be folded. So, you should have it only if there is enough space for it in your house. If that is not the case, then folding treadmill is the one for you.

The common features that we talked about include the size of the walking belt, speed settings, distance, BMI calculation, heart rate, calories burnt, etc.

Electric Motor

All would agree in that this is the most important part in any motorized treadmill. The capacity of any given motor is directly reflected in the speed settings that are offered in it and the capacity to endure and carry the weight of a user.

It works either in continuous or in peak mode. It is good to keep one eye on how many horsepower it has. If a motor has 3HP capacity, it would suffice for anyone weighing under 100 Kg. But if the user weighs above 100 Kg, then it is advisable to go for anything having the range between 4HP and 6HP.

Size of the Walking Belt & Safety

This is important because the longer the walking deck the more comfortable and relaxed you feel walking or jogging on it. It may happen that if the deck is short, you run the risk of lagging behind the speed of the belt after sometime and draw dangerously backward on it. If you fall, it may prove dangerous. In view of this possibility, it is good you look out for safety key in a device to turn it off whenever you move backward beyond certain limit.

The Psychological Aspect of the Treadmill Design: Distance Tracking, Burnt Calories & History of Workout Performance

Treadmill The very concept of a treadmill is rooted in the modern philosophy that puts everything on the virtual plane. This may sound a bit complicated but it’s certainly not if we consider what exactly it accomplishes.

To begin with, this machine is designed for exercising your body. But the design of it clearly suggests that there is more to it than just exercise and fitness. It is quite relevant to ask, “Why there is a detail concerning the distances travelled by you on treadmill? Why the display features the history regarding your performance?”

The answers to these questions are not too difficult if we take into consideration the impact it makes on a person’s mind when he runs in the restricted area of few inches without making an inch of progress from where he actually is. Nobody wants to stay in one place. All require change.

If you are running in open space, the change we are talking about is palpable, and you can easily run for an hour or so without losing patience. On the contrary, if you are running on a treadmill in a closed room, in just five to ten minutes you lose patience. So, you are bound to shy away from such a futile activity.

The only thing that won’t allow you to is the details of how much distance you have covered and how much calories you have burnt. Distance and burnt calories both are required to treat you psychologically in order to give you the satisfaction of having taken the road that you have.

It will keep you going on daily basis with the result that it becomes possible to calculate and register your performance over a period of time. No matter you stay within the four walls of your room, you have managed to cover the distances that only the Olympic champions are able to. It certainly makes you take pride in it.

The Physical Aspect of the Treadmill Design: In-built Programs, Speed Settings and Inclination Levels

It hardly needs saying that you want to enjoy good health…because health is wealth. You must do all you can to maintain it. Treadmill is one of the ways you can.

Let’s put forth some of the key benefits of it related to good health. To begin with, it helps you burn your calories and reduce your body weight. Next, you can also build your body using it. This wonderful gadget comes with in-built programs regarding different ways in which you can use it for different purposes. In absence of these programs, you may not know how to exercise yourself or what kind of exercise you can do and for what purpose.

Having said that, we have to acknowledge that primarily this device is made for your feet which are the very foundation on which you stand. Ask anyone having knee problem and he will agree with it without taking time. Strengthening your feet not only makes you swift of feet but also physically agile.

For this purpose, you have different speed settings and levels of inclination. There are devices that enable you to run at the speed that ranges from 14 to 20 Km/hr. There is little meaning in offering speed settings that exceed these limits. Our best attempts cannot help us cover this much distance. It requires none less than Eliud Kipchoge or Brigid Kosgei to be able to run faster than this and last beyond an hour.

The point is that the speed settings and levels of inclination that are featured in any state-of-the-art treadmill are quite practical from the point of view of an average individual. And, they are there to improve blood circulation and keep your cardiovascular system in good shape.

Exercising yourself for these reasons is better than training yourself physically to build up your body. Let alone benefit in the long run, body building does not help you even in the short. If you don’t flex your muscles through heavy exercises on daily basis, they show its effects immediately. They could be very harmful.

Hydraulic Softdrop System (HSS)

This is a good feature to have in a foldable treadmill. Some devices in this category are quite heavy. It necessitates this HSS system so that it is easy and safe to unfold. All you have to do is give a light kick to the hydraulic tube that is located under the deck.


As we said before, going to gym for workout is not a cost-effective solution. Different gyms have different monthly, quarterly and yearly charges. But let’s talk about their monthly charges. It may be around Rs. 2000/-. It means you end up paying around Rs. 24000/- annually. On the other hand, if you are to buy one for home, it would cost you less than that depending on brand and features offered. It makes it amply clear why it is good to buy.

There is a broad choice of brand offering available to Indian consumers, some of which are available even under Rs.10, 000/-. But, if you get something cheap like that, then it means it is a manual treadmill which comes without motor. And, of course, it will be missing lot many interesting features that are found in mid-range and high-end products.

Those that are defined as mid-range devices come in the range between Rs. 20, 000/- and Rs. 50, 000/-. As for the high-end devices, they may range well above Rs. 100,000/-. The price is set on the advancement that comes from the features that are offered in any given product.

Treadmill Lubrication

Best Treadmill in India – Frequently Asked Questions

How much power my home treadmill should have?

It depends on your weight. If you weigh less than 100 Kg, then anything under 3HP would do. If you are above 100 Kg, then you need something between 4HP and 6HP.

Is 20/30 minutes a day on a treadmill is enough?

How long you should work out depends on your physique and your goals. If you want to keep fit, then it is enough.

What speed should I walk on treadmill?

Between 3 Km/hr and 6 Km/hr.

How do I lubricate my treadmill belt?

Some devices have a belt that allows you to lift it up from one side and apply the lubricant near the center of the belt. Repeat the same action on the other side of the belt. Then, start the machine and walk for sometime on the deck both on the middle part as well as sideways in order to distribute the lubricant evenly.

If the belt is not loose, then you need to loosen the screws of the tensioner. Then follow the same procedure described above. Once it is done, tighten the screws of the tensioner again.

Please take a look at the manual. It is always good to do so.

Best Treadmill in India 2023 – Conclusion

This is what our reviews have offered you for 2023. Each of the treadmill is certainly one of the best in its category in India. Some of the reasons why we consider them to be the best are given in the buying guide – if not in the reviews themselves. It’s up to you to make the decision. Make it and let it coincide with ours, and you will have the best treadmill for your home as well as health. We wish you All the Best.

Riya Menon

Last update on 2023-02-05 / Images from Amazon

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