Top 10 Best Sling Bags in India for Girls and Women

If you’re looking to buy a sling bag for you, let’s tell you it’s a wonderful idea. And we intend to further it by helping you find it effortlessly by reviewing the best 10 sling bags for women in India 2020.

But before we proceed in that direction, we consider it necessary to discuss with you why the idea of buying a sling bag is a lot bigger than the sling bag itself.

A Bag Philosophy

That’s it! Whether you’re aware of it or not, your desire reflects a philosophy. We name it ‘bag philosophy’. We call it philosophy because it involves a specific attitude toward life. Does that surprise you?

Well, if it does, it’s because you’re too much concerned over the practicality of philosophy instead of the philosophy of practicality. There is a difference between the two. Since this brief review doesn’t offer much scope for discussing it at length, we’ll wind it up thus in short:

There are people for whom life is a load on their back carried in a sack. That’s how they view it…meaning life. It’s a sack of load on their back. Now, turn away from this existential view of life and focus your attention on yourself! Your ‘self’ cannot be a burden on your back. It becomes so important for you that you start thinking of enjoying life instead of being burdened by it for the sake of ‘self’.

One of the ways to do so is to love your ‘self’…cherish it…by satisfying all its needs. It turns your needs into aesthetic representations of the same and your jovial attitude toward them becomes a decent bag for carrying them.

The content of such a bag carries things like looking mirror (self-esteem), articles having to do with making up your looks in case weather or climate works on it to spoil it, a comb, a water bottle to quench your thirst, bars of chocolate…and, of course, how can we forget money!?

As it is, these are the things that add ‘beauty’ to your life, and ‘value’, not burden. And, your bag becomes both this attitude toward life and, at the same time, part of it. Therefore, you care for style while selecting it. Even strike a posture with it before a looking glass to check out how it suits you. That’s how it should be!

In this article we have endeavored to choose the best 10 Sling Bags for women in India.

How We Ranked Best Sling Bags for Girls and Women

We already discussed one aspect of the criteria we used in rating the products that we’ve reviewed here. Now, let’s put forth other aspects of the same in practical terms.

Materials used in their make: We look out for what materials are used in making these hand bags, a leather or faux leather or cloth.

Features: These include the ways and extent to which these hand bags are compartmentalized. We consider what and how much they may carry. There are products which are short on features in order to accommodate the price-obsessed market segment. These are by no means much sought after; because features are what lend utility to a product.

Design: It has to do with how beautifully the bags are designed. It not only includes shape but also color. Style is the key in this regard.

Problematic product: In order to locate it we draw on the customer experience.

Durability: It includes manufacturer’s warranty policy along with other considerations.

Quality: It involves all aspects of a product including the material used in it, the design, and the features incorporated in it to lend comfort to its user.

Customer satisfaction: Again, the customer ratings come in for good for the purpose. But it also depends to a great extent on the after sale services offered by the manufacturer and their availability across the nation.

Top 10 Best Sling Bags For Girls and Women

1. Hidesign Women’s Sling Bag (Tan)


  1. Leather material
  2. 20 cm x 18 cm x 8 cm dimensions
  3. Zip closure with handle
  4. 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects
  5. 2 compartments &1 pocket

Diversity is one of the identifying marks of Hidesign products. This tan colored Hidesign women’s sling bag is picked from them to represent it at its best.

Hidesign products are most of the part leather products and exude the feel of life through their color and design. This handcrafted Gelda bag, picked from 20’s collection, has it.


It is extremely strong, made from tanned full grain leather. It is deemed to be both environment-friendly and harmless for skin.

Coming to its more practical aspect, it offers 2 compartments & 1 pocket. It safely contains all that is essentials for women to help them during their formal or casual day out.

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2. Lavie Woven Sling Bag



  1. Faux leather
  2. 30x10x25cm dimensions
  3. Woven texture bag
  4. 1 main compartment, double sided handles, 3 internal pockets and 1 back pocket
  5. Adjustable and detachable cross-body sling strap

This trendy Moritz is a faux leather sling bag having woven texture design. Its mild pink color and simplicity of design are quite soothing to the eye and soft to the touch.


Its adjustable shoulder-strap makes it easy to carry. Not only that; it makes it absolutely user-friendly for women of varying stature. They can easily make it long or short for their convenience.

Its spacious interior is well organized in 1 main compartment, 3 internal pockets and 1 back pocket. Of the 3 internal pockets, one is a slip pocket for containing things like mobile that you may have to use frequently.

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3. Caprese Elsy Women’s Sling Bag (Large Midnight)



  1. Faux leather
  2. 25.5 x 27 x 9 cm
  3. Flat sling handles
  4. Top zip closure
  5. Adjustable sling handle

You can always expect something trendy from Caprese. The brand is long established and known for its fashionable, sumptuous and avant-garde designs.

This Caprese Elsy sling bag, selected from the chic Elsy collection, is a treat to the eye, making it difficult to get it off from there. It is a faux leather and therefore need to be used with care.


Its medium midnight color with embroidered floral embellishments along with gold-finished metal buckles and rings and chain exceptionally enhance its visual appeal.

It DOES seem to have come from undiscovered world of Capri Island that has been one of the centers of fashion in Europe.

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4. Van Heusen Women’s Sling Bag (Blue)


  1. Synthetic material
  2. 15 cm x 19 cm x 8 cm dimensions
  3. Adjustable detachable shoulder strap
  4. Single rounded top handle
  5. 4 compartment, and 4 inner pockets.

This sling bag is from Van Heusen, a venture of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, which is a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle, the largest and fastest growing fashion brand in India.

This bag brings together palest tinge of lavender, Sky blue color with crocodile-effect in most unpretentiously designed product that would fit any casual or formal outing.


It has 1 compartment, 1 inner pocket & 1 outer pocket, enabling you to organize your essentials to be arranged in a way that would be absolutely easy to pop out as per your requirement.

It is made from synthetic material but very strong. It is made to last.

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5. The House of Tara – Moss Green 100% Cotton Canvas Messenger Cross Body Bag


  1. Cotton canvas material
  2. Distress finish
  3. Adjustable cotton webbing shoulder strap
  4. 2 magnetic snap closures
  5. 5×3 inches dimensions

This sling bag seems to be designed for ladies who deliberately want to wear rugged look. What produces such an impression is the strong cotton canvas material that is used in its manufacture and randomly numbered cotton webbing shoulder strap. On top of the material that is used, it is given distress finish. The idea behind such a design is unmistakable.


Combined with such an impression is the purpose that seems to be more on practical – to be more precise, professional – side. You can stuff whatever you like in its main compartment, 1 zip pocket and two patch pockets.

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6. WOMEN MARKS Girls’ & Women’s Sling Bag (wmhhs_flap_Cream)


  1. Both for girls and women
  2. Cream color
  3. 20x17x26cm dimensions

This product is a bit ostentatious and meant for casual outing only. The cream color is much too common but looks good.

s 6

The problem with this bag is that it is not soft. Its size is modest and its compartments are not quite roomy but would suffice for the occasion it is designed for. It is surely not suitable for you if you intend to carry things that you’d require if you are to stay away from home for long duration.

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7. Caprese Elsy Women’s Sling Bag (Powder Pink)



  1. Faux leather material
  2. 20 cm x 6.5 cm x 18 cm dimensions
  3. Single compartment
  4. Inside zipper pocket
  5. Flat sling handles
  6. Top zip closure
  7. Adjustable sling handle

This is a stylish Caprese product that comes with powder pink colour and the slings are covered & decked with  embroidered exteriors with Caprese embossed logo truly deserves the descriptive phrase ‘a style testament’.

It comes with a single compartment and inside zipper pocket. For casual outing or party flaunting, it would be difficult to find a match for this.

s 7

Though it’s a faux leather product, it is made to last. You must not think lowly of anything that is ‘faux’ in comparison with pure leather. Many prestigious brands are using this material because it offers opportunity for infinite variety of design, texture and colour.

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8. Lavie Moritz Small Saffiano Sling Bag


  1. Faux leather
  2. 24 cm x 17 cmx 7 cm dimensions
  3. Magnetic flap closure
  4. 1 main compartment and 1 inside zipper pocket
  5. Stylish zigzag quilt pattern
  6. Cross-body sling bag
  7. Adjustable and detachable sling belt

This product bears all the marks of Lavie. Its stylish print on front, magnetic flap closure, unique compact shape for style and hardware, perfect dimensions to casually carry along – all together make solid impact on the onlooker.

s 8

This impressive product is made from faux leather, having adjustable and detachable sling belt. The design fits all women.

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9. Caprese Women’s Sling Bag (Mint)



  • Faux leather
  • 22.5 cm x 8 cm x 16.5 cm dimensions
  • Single Compartment
  • Cross-body sling bag
  • Flap Over Closure
  • Adjustable and detachable sling belt

This is a typical Caprese product that comes with luxuriant Mint colour. Its flat adjustable sling straps, top flap closure, single compartment, internal organizers for essentials, adjustable sling handle are perfect dimensions to casually carry along- all together make solid impact on the onlooker.

s 9

This impressive product is made from faux leather, having adjustable and detachable sling belt. The design fits all women.

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10. Caprese Heidi Women’s Sling Bag (Beige)


  1. Faux leather
  2. 32x39x3 cm dimensions
  3. Metal plate logo branding
  4. Internal organizers for essentials
  5. Multiple compartments

This Caprese comes with the right size and a color that will suit all skins and perfectly match with the dresses of almost all colors. Especially of interest is the not-all-too-common weaving of leather and gold-toned metal rings in the strap. Eyes are sure to follow it. A different kind of aesthetic is at work here.


It’s spacious from inside and so compartmentalized that it is bound to make you a bit more organized in arranging the things that are essential to you.

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11. KLEIO Women’s & Girls’ Sling Bag (BnB315LY-BI_Black)


  1. Handcrafted canvas bag with adjustable PU flap
  2. Lined with polyester from inside
  3. A fold over flap with magnetic snap apart from the drawstring
  4. Cross-body sling bag
  5. 4×7.6×30.4 cm dimensions
  6. 1 main compartment and 1 pocket with a zipper closure for make-up articles

As the description tells, this is a handcrafted canvas with adjustable fold over PU flap, draw strings and a cross-body sling.


The polka dots on it look quite impressive. But the most impressive element in this bag is that it is reasonably big to carry not only all your make-up things, you can also shove in it your favorite paperback, eatables, water bottle, tablet, laptop, etc.

To say the least, this is the most utilitarian product of all!

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Best Sling Bags for Girls – A Buying Guide

Best Sling Bags for Girls
Girl with bag over his shoulder outdoors

Handbag market for lovely ladies is like golden apples for Atlanta. They are so taken in by the looks and glamour of the hand bags in the market that they don’t move on and explore other and better options available to them elsewhere. So they buy one for them and come home full of appreciation for their purchase.

It is only when they start using it, they find that the glittering surface soon comes off to reveal the ugly stuff that it hides. And if that does not happen, then the surface cracks or the stitches of the purse or the strap start coming loose. Sometimes the strap gets unhinged or the zip gets spoiled.

Therefore, you need some guidance regarding which product to buy and which to be avoided. We don’t have slightest doubt about it that this buying guide will prove a great help to you.

Why Sling Bag

This is an important question—very. Because the choice of a sling bag has to do with the nature of a person that makes it. It shows that if you want it, it means you want to keep your hands free from holding…You want to keep your hands free because you want to keep your mind free.

Let us explain. If you hold a clutch bag in your hand, then you will need to be conscious of it, be careful about keeping it safe…about not leaving it on the counter of a shop or a show room or at someone’s place that you happen to visit.

Clutches are meant only for people who are very particular about their things. They are also very much conscious about their style in which they carry it.

This is not to say that girls who carry a sling bag are not conscious of their style. The thing is that they don’t want to be fussy over it. What we mean to say is that the girls who carry clutches are more often than not seen carrying it in style – just as it is involved in their bearing when they are in public – the way they stand, sit and move around.

Consider, on the other hand, the bearing of the girls that carry a sling bag. The sling of a bag may be of a golden or silver metal chain or elegantly designed strap. And the bag itself may be airing varying degree of stylish design and color. But the girls themselves…

Well, if you see them carrying such a bag, very often you notice that the purse is not found where it should be, that is, resting on their hip. For them also a bag is indispensable but their mind is set more on other things than on how to carry their bag on them. They want to enjoy their passage through the world they move in and around…Every bit of it. They don’t want this joy to be compromised.

What Material the Product Is

This is important because the quality and durability largely depend upon the materials used in it. Most products of famous brands are made up of either leather or faux leather. Apart from these materials, many brands also use synthetic materials and high quality canvas.

Please note that if a product is made up of synthetic material, it does not tantamount to its being low quality. The same is true about faux leather and canvas products. What matters is the craftsmanship.

Having said that, it must be added that products manufactured out of pure leather are more to be preferred to the products made from other materials. This is because pure leather is long-lasting and gets better with use. However, leather products are also costlier than others.

Another thing, even the leather products differ from one another because of the processes which are used to treat the leather before it becomes usable. Some leather are chrome tanned and some are vegetable tanned. Generally, the chrome tanned leather is more pliant than vegetable tanned leather but also thinner.

You also hear about full grain or top grain or genuine leather. Of all these, the full grain is costliest; genuine leather is a lot cheaper than that; and the top grain leather has a price that falls in between these two types. Full grain is more durable than the top grain and the top grain more durable than the genuine.

Leather sling bag
beautiful woman leather fashion bag

Faux leather, on the other hand, is made from polyester or nylon or rayon fibers and coated with polyurethane, which is a kind of polymer. There is also another kind of faux leather that is made from PVC, stabilizers, plasticizers and lubricants. This faux leather, then, is applied to synthetic fibers.

Faux leather is not soft but it is extremely cheap when compared to pure leather. And it is died easily, weathers sun better than leather, and does not get stained easily.

Brands to Look Out For

There are certain brands that stand both for quality and style. They show considerable innovation in their design concepts. There are also other brands that can’t boast about innovation but they surely serve quality at a very reasonable price.

These include…

  1. Van Heusen
  2. Hidesign
  3. Baggit
  4. Caprese
  5. Lavie
  6. Kleio
  7. The House of Tara
  8. Lino Perros
  9. Esbeda and
  10. Women Marks

The Best Sling Bags in India – Conclusion

The hand bag market in India is quite big and it contains considerable offering of all styles, all sizes, and all purposes. The products we have chosen for you represent the best that some of the best brands have to offer. And if anything is lacking in the list of products we have reviewed for you, it is supplied by our buying guide. Be sure to follow it closely.

Rewa Bhadwal

Last update on 2023-02-04 / Images from Amazon

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