Best Office Chair in India (2023)

Best Office Chair in India

Friends, today we bring you the best office chairs in India. You need it, both in the offices and homes. That’s because work will not only be done in professional environment now but also in the domestic.

Indeed, we are entering into a new era that blots out the line that divides offices and homes. COVID-19 has brought about what is called hybrid model and the governments all over world are now bracing to make it a norm rather than a temporary arrangement. The label ‘from home’ is going to remain even after the pandemic ends.

Let alone working from home, even study is also set to be carried out online. Whether it is for work or study, it is commonplace for people to spend from 8 to 10 hours in their chair routinely. Therefore, they require a chair that is truly comfortable.

For this review, we have tried & tested several office chairs from various brands. Taking into consideration their built quality, sturdiness, recline type, comfort, and other aspects, we have picked some of the best office chairs in India.

Test Criteria

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Load capacity
  • Innovative design and technology
  • Price

Best Office Chair in India (2023)

1. Kepler Brooks Italia High Back Reclining Leatherette Office/Desk Chair with Leg Rest (Black)


  • Chair height 111-122 cm, width 53-55 cm and depth 55 cm
  • Wood framework and breathable leatherette upholstery cover
  • Seat upholstery consisting of high-density foam
  • Supportive double-layer cushion
  • Padded armrests
  • Height adjustment and 90˚ to 125˚ recline
  • Hide-away, foldable footrest
  • Sturdy chrome base, 360˚ swivel with 5 durable caster wheels
  • 3 years warranty on manufacturing defects

Kepler Brooks Italia is attention-grabbing in several ways. The very first thing is its highly scientific design. It provides separate cushioning for every part that needs support during work. The reason why this particular feature is important is that in the rest of the chair high-density foam is used. Had extra cushioning not been provided, the high-density cushion would not make for the level of comfort that it has.

Let’s talk in some detail about this extra cushioning. It is provided for resting your neck, no matter what height you have. Lateral cushioning is for supporting your shoulders; and a well-rounded support at the bottom of the back of the chair is for your lower back.

1 office

Coming to its seat, the cushioning that is provided for it perfectly supports your butts, and makes it easy on the back muscles of your thighs. It helps blood circulation.

Add to these comfy elements features such as 125˚ tilt for your back, adjustable padded armrests, height adjustment, and a hide-away leg rest that you may use for gaming or just for relaxing for some time in order to prepare yourself for the next spell of work, and you can’t ask for more.

Finally, this office chair is quite sturdy. It can bear the weight of the user up to 350 Kg. Its framework is wooden and upholstered with quality leatherette.


This Kepler Brooks Italia is certainly the best in India. Though it is offered as an office chair, it is actually multi-purpose.



2. Green Soul Vienna High Back Revolving Office Chair (Black)


  • Height 45.5”-48.5”, width 21” and depth 21”
  • Wooden framework
  • Leatherette upholstery cover
  • Padded seat, back and armrests for extra comfort
  • 110 Kg weight capacity and up to 6ft 1” height suitability
  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty

Green Soul Vienna is the most cost-effective solution to furnish your office with. Though it airs a simplistic and unpretentious design, it is second to none in its class when it comes to performance.

If you look at it closely, you will notice that it offers all the advantages that we talked about in reviewing Kepler Brooks but it has its own style of achieving the same results. There are few technical details affecting its capacity that make all the difference there is between the two products.


The capacity we talk about has to do with weight-bearing. This one can bear up to 110 Kg weight and is suitable for a person having around 6 ft of height.

3 geen

It is provided with wooden framework, high-density foam padding which is reinforced with extra cushioning for back and bottom, padded armrests, heavy-duty metal base and castor wheels.

It tilts like a gaming chair up to 135˚. Along with height adjustment, this feature makes its usage extremely comfortable.

The downside is that the armrests are not adjustable.



3. Townsville Barcelona Leatherette Fabric High Back Executive Chair (Brown)


  • Comes with 4 components pre-assembled
  • Easy 3 steps assembly
  • Height 112-124 cm, width 66 cm and length 61 cm
  • Ergonomic co-polymer chair with cushioned armrests and seat
  • 4” to 5” seat height adjustment
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Townsville Barcelona is another good option if you want an office chair that comes under Rs. 10,000/-. It has all you are looking for. Easy 3 step assembly allows you to make it ready for use within a minute or so. The reason it sounds easy as breeze is because of the manufacturer providing you with 4 pre-assembled components.

It tilts up to 120˚ and its height can be adjusted up to 5”. Given its dimensions, the height adjustment setting it offers is quite adequate.

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It is rendered comfortable with two-fold layers of cushioning for back and butts. Its surface is supplied with co-polymer material which looks quite sumptuous and is easy to clean.

It is always good to have adjustable armrests which this product doesn’t have. Thankfully, the armrests are nicely padded to lend optimum comfort for your arms while you hit away at the keyboard for hours on end.

Finally, this chair is made to bear the load up to 110 Kg. With metallic base and BIFMA certified castor wheels, you don’t have to worry about your chair losing stability or mobility under your weight.



4. beAAtho JS-29 High Back Executive Office Revolving Chair/Director Chair/Boss Chair (4 color options) (Black)


  • 60 x 66 x 114 cm
  • Quality metal chrome stand
  • Heavy duty castor wheels
  • Hydraulic height adjustor
  • Stretchable rexine
  • 360˚ swivel
  • 90˚ to 105˚ tilt

beAAtho JS-29 is designed to keep you going for long hours. It has a strong build that is framed in quality wood and supported by metallic base with heavy duty castor wheels.

It tilts up to 105˚ and enables you to be more circumspect at work with 360˚ swivel. Unidirectional mindset tends to bog down soon after it begins. Whenever this happens with you, just give a sideway thrust with your feet to your chair and let it have its own way. When you return to the screen of your computer, you have a fresh beginning from where you ended.

4 chair

Revolving the chair instead of yourself is certainly a better option when you are involved in a discussion with co-workers during important meetings.

It has dual padding which is held by stretchable rexine. It is surely comfortable but we have an issue with its design which features too many grooves which may gather a lot of dust and keep you busy cleaning it. Of course, cleaning it, too, is not much of a problem due to the material used to surface it.

Finally, it perfectly fits in your budget.



5. MISURAA Imported Shadow Ergonomic Chair for Office & Home – Grey


  • Height 96.5 – 108 cm, width 60 cm and depth 60 cm
  • Single point back recline locking system
  • Mesh back with lumbar support
  • Cushioned and fabric upholstered seat
  • Fixed rounded arms
  • Tilt tension control
  • Chrome plated base and heavy duty castor wheels
  • 120 Kg weight-bearing capacity
  • DIY installation

We think that the right place to begin appreciating MISURAA is the aesthetics that is involved in its design. It’s out and out contemporary, seeking to beautify simplicity.

Its mesh back brings you a see-through concept and its parallelogram armrests are so finely fitted to the back and the seat that you may make the mistake of considering its framework as of one piece if you don’t observe it closely.

5 chair

Also, this chair hides a truly strong build quality that is capable of bearing up a person weighing up to 120 Kg.

Extremely comfortable, stunningly beautiful and purpose-driven…That’s how we’d like to describe it. It is the best of its kind you can find in India. Go for it…



6. Wipro Furniture Adapt Fabric Ergonomic Office Chair 


  • Length 66 cm, width 66 cm and height 112 cm
  • Consisting of PU foam, fabric and metal
  • Unique waterfall seat design
  • Automatic weight sensing mechanism
  • Height adjustable lumbar support
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable armrest with soft PU padding
  • Up to 122˚ tilt
  • 360˚ swivel

Yeh Wipro azim hai aur aziz bhi. Please consider our use of urdu, here, as an aberration, and pardon us. We just cannot help it. All who know Wipro also know that even if we err in maintaining the uniformity of language, we err on the right side.

Its design is rightly called futuristic. It is so elegant and ergonomic that you’d love your office for housing it. It will give a perfect lift to your office décor or your study.

6 chair

Its unique selling points are undoubtedly its waterfall seat design and automatic weight sensing mechanism. While the former contributes to release pressure off the back of your upper leg and also lower legs, the latter is truly great at automatically regulating the force that is required to recline the chair based on user’s body weight.

Its back has a mesh support. There are many advantages of a mesh back but the most important of all is that it adjusts to your back, your back doesn’t have to adjust to the back of your chair.



7. CELLBELL C104 Fabric Mesh Office Chair Medium – Back (Black)


  • 20” x 19” x 41”
  • 105 Kg maximum weight-bearing capacity
  • 2” thick padded seat
  • Pneumatic hydraulic height adjustment
  • Contoured mesh back
  • Sturdy plastic armrest
  • Heavy duty metal base
  • DIY installation
  • 1 year warranty

CELLBELL C104 is for those who are running on tight budget and yet must have an office chair. It certainly doesn’t bear comparison with the product reviewed so far. Take it as a compromise…the best you could make.

7 chair



8. INNOWIN ® Parker High Back PU Leatherette Office Chair (Black)


  • Ergonomic lumbar support
  • Glass filled nylon structure provides internal frame material
  • PU leatherette upholstery cover
  • Moulded seat having density of 45
  • Aluminum arm rests with PU padding
  • Any position lock mechanism
  • Class 3 pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Aluminum base with 60 mm nylon castor wheels
  • 120 Kg weight capacity

INNOWIN ® Parker High Back evokes mix feelings in us. Nevertheless we had to include it for several reasons.

To begin with, it has premium design and look. Its armrests make use of aluminum and are supplied with soft PU padding. We also love the design of its armrests. Indeed, we have a sort of preference for this kind of sideways ‘U’ shaped design because it allows you to sit cross-legged on it.

Next, it makes use of the kind of materials in its structure that is by no means common. For instance, its frame is supplied with glass filled nylon structure. The seat density is 45 and it is made concave. It reduces pressure on the back of your thighs and butts. The lower back of the chair perfectly aligns with the curve of your lower back. And for neck, a separate support is provided.

8 chair

Its base is aluminum, and it rolls on 60mm nylon castor wheels. Its gas lift is class 3 and is designed to bear the load of a person weighing up to 120 Kg.

Indeed, this chair is one of the very best among mid-range chairs that you may come across in the galleries of online stores.



9. AmazonBasics Mid Back Office Chair 


  • 02” x 24.02” x 34.84 to 38.58”
  • Upholstered in black bonded leather
  • Pneumatic seat adjustment
  • Dual-wheel castor
  • 7 Kg weight capacity
  • DIY installation
  • 1-year limited warranty

AmazonBasics has earned the reputation of providing best quality at a considerably low price when compared to other worthy competitors. This mid back-office chair proves it.

This chair is meant for those who prefer mid back-office chair to high back. Its dual layer padding and bonded leather upholstery makes it extremely comfortable. For the same purpose there is pneumatic seat adjustment and easy tilt control lever. All that needs be said about these comfy features is that they are on par with the best.

All the necessary features that are provided at the price that is set on it, make it the best budget office chair in domestic market.



Best Office Chair in India – A Buying Guide

Best Office Chair in India
Best Office Chair in India

Things to Consider While Buying an Office Chair

Buying an office chair is not an easy task if you don’t know much about what makes them ergonomic.

It won’t be called positive attitude toward work if you care only for work and not for ideal conditions for work. That’s the reason why you may get stressed, tired of work and even come to suffer from a number of physical ailments like backache, neck pain, etc. Nevertheless you go on working just because you have to, not because it inspires you to.

This attitude may alter for good if ergonomics is introduced in your professional life. In a limited sense, it is to be found in the dimensions and design of the desk and the office chair that you use. Since we are talking about office chair, we’d limit ourselves to just that.

To begin with, we’d like to add important info about what we already said about wherein ergonomics consists. We talked about its residing in its design. But, then, design could be functional and aesthetic. Here, we are talking about the functional design of a chair.

As it is, ergonomic design touches…

  • Depth of the seat: Proper depth would be responsive to your butts and reduce pressure on your lower back. Improper configuration of this part of the seat may exert more pressure on the muscles of your butts, and impair blood circulation. Read specs of a product carefully. If you see reference being made of memory foam, go for it. This type of foam acquires the shape of your body that it supports. As a result you see the mark of bum depression there. When this happens, the pressure on your butts lessens. This would keep you from weakened back muscles of your upper leg and the gluteal muscles. In absence of memory foam, you may expose yourself to these conditions. You may also suffer from other diseases caused by impaired circulation, diseases like varicose vein.
  • Flexible edge of the seat: This would not allow the seat to create extra pressure on the back of your upper legs. In case where the edge of the seat is not flexible, again, it may impair blood circulation. You may even come to suffer from knee problem.
  • Curvature and cushioning of the back: See to it that these elements in the design of the back of your chair are aligned with the curvature of your spine. It would perfectly support your back. Any problem with the design in this respect would put strain on your lower back; because that’s where maximum pressure is exerted in sitting position. Many brands make use of mesh in the back of their chairs. It helps in a number of ways. Firstly, it better adjusts with the curvature of your spine. Secondly, it offers superb air permeability which is a really welcome feature in Indian weather condition. It would not trap heat in the space between your back and the back of the chair in the way that the products making use of leather and leatherette do. And, finally, it looks really nice. Sometimes the problem with a mesh chair is that it doesn’t properly support your back and so your neck or shoulder-blades may rest against the hard rim of the chair and cause a lot of discomfort. Therefore, it is good that you try it out before buying it. Offerings from reputed brands don’t have such problems.
  • Adjustability of lumbar support: It would enable you to adjust it at such a height as would align with the curve of your spine in your lower back. Because the height changes from person to person, this feature is a necessity and not something that should be considered as an extra. That is the reason why most brand offerings feature support for lumbar region. They wouldn’t if it were something dispensable.
  • Neck rest that features pivot or other such mechanism that makes it responsive to your neck: This would save you from neck pain.
  • Armrests: It is very much desirable that the armrests of a chair offers 3D or 4D adjustment and are supplied with proper padding. These would allow you to have them close to your body. In this position, they would better and more comfortably support your arms. In absence of comfortable armrests, you may fall victim of ailments such as Rotator cuff syndrome and frozen shoulder. The latter is very common among computer professionals.
  • Height adjustment: This is very important in order to put your body weight evenly on your back and feet. The ideal position for the height of the seat is just below your knee cap. If you find that your back is strained, you better raise the chair. If you feel more pressure on the front of the seat or on your knees, you need to lower it a bit. There is one very important detail regarding height adjustment that is necessary for you to know. It is about the Class-3 or Class-4 hydraulic gas lift. Hydraulic gas lift is the mechanism that is there for height adjustment. When you read about Class-3 or Class-4 hydraulic gas lift, know for sure that it is capable of lifting the load over 150 Kg.
  • The degree of tilt: The best tilt position for the back of your chair is from 100˚ to 110˚. Pay attention to the degree at which a chair is capable of tilting.
  • Tilt lock: If this mechanism is in place, it would fix the tilt to a degree that is most suitable for you. Most chairs have it.
Best Office Chair in India
Four office chairs
  • Materials used in upholstery and in chair: This is very important…Because it affects both its look and durability. But even more important than these is the comfort it offers you. If leather or leatherette is used for it, you may have to cover such surfaces with fabric; otherwise it may cause the discomfort of profusely perspiring because of the heat it generates. As for the structure of the chair, it is good to have steel or wooden frame for it. These would make it last longer. Plastic may go well in certain parts of a chair but not in all. For instance, metallic base is the best option for its durability. Foam is the material used for padding. It is good to go for a product that uses memory foam.
  • Price: Generally, office chairs are quite expensive. One big reason why they are costly is that they all needs must have certain technical specifications to render them strong and comfy. People use them on daily basis and, therefore, they can’t afford to buy something cheap but uncomfortable. It would have direct bearing on their productivity which would certainly be compromised in absence of a quality office chair. Quality always costs…The Indian market includes office chairs that come at a price as low as Rs. 3000/- and as high as Rs.200000/-. The choice is truly impressive. What’s more, low price should not necessarily mean low quality.

Best Office Chair in India – Conclusion

We believe that if a person is to have an office chair, he must have the best for him. That is because a real good office chair is not something that is meant just for sitting. It must be a symbol of the status that is associated with the importance of the work for which it is designed. That is the reason why, when you visit any online store, you come across products that are labeled as executive chair, boss chair, director chair, etc. Even a cursory glance at these products would not miss the reflection of these terms in their designs.

We take pride in having compiled a list of products that are best in their respective category. It cannot be that you miss the chair that best meets your requirements. Pick yours from these. If you do, it will surely be something personal to you.

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