Top 8 Best Hair Straightener for Women (Flat Irons)

Hair straightener is designed especially for fashionista that are keen on following the trend in a way that would boost their individuality. There are many products available in the market for the purpose but not all are safe. The biggest hazard is the damage that it may cause to your hair. That’s the last thing that any style conscious individual would desire.

Therefore, we have brought to you eight of the best devices that Indian market has to show.

Criteria Used in Selecting Best Hair Straightener

  • Hair type suitability
  • Which device produces straight and smooth hair
  • Which device brings in fresh technologies and all the advantages associated with them
  • Heat settings and procedures
  • Durability
  • Cost &
  • Brand reputation

Best Hair Straightener for Women


1. Ikonic Pro Titanium Shine Hair Straightener


  • LED display with adjustable temperature range from 130˚C to 230˚C
  • Professional PTC and Dual Ceramic Heaters
  • Titanium plates
  • Beveled edges
  • Auto adjustable floating plates for easy glide styling
  • One hour Auto Shut Off
  • 9ft power cord
  • 360 degree tangle free swivel cord

IKONIC Pro Titanium Shine Hair Straightener is certainly the best of the pick for several reasons.

It comes with all the features that you expect in a high-end device. The titanium plates used in it are known for fast heating. For the same purpose it also features the PTC and dual ceramic heaters. But fast heating is not the only thing that makes it efficient. It is also accompanied by the technology of adjustable floating plates.

The advantage of floating plates is that they are quite gentle on your hair, and stem the possibility of any damage that may be caused to your hair by adjusting their pressure to the volume of your hair. As it is, the volume of the hair steadily dwindles as you move toward its end.

Their beveled edges are quite efficient in straightening, stylizing and volumizing without straining your hair. The rest is looked after by the multiple heat settings.

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As regards safety, this device offers 1 hour Auto Shut-Off to prevent overheating.

Finally, it is very comfortable to wield it because of the 360˚ swivel cord which is quite long, enabling you to use it anywhere in your house and keeps the wire from getting tangled.

Truly, IKONIC Pro Titanium Shine Hair Straightener is the perfect answer to your need for straightening your hair no matter what type it is.





  • Curls, straightens, flicks & waves – All in one
  • Floating plates
  • Digital temperature control
  • Up to 230˚C
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Plates
  • Negative ion technology
  • 360˚ Rotating swirl cord

This hair straightener has a glam look. The appearance of its black body and black tourmaline ceramic plates could be compared with your hair after being treated with it.

The plates are floating. It has proven efficacy in adjusting with the volume of your hair along its entire length, not exerting disproportionate stress on it.

The range of temperature, too, is quite wide, maxing out at 230˚. It’s good. And if you use heat protecting serum, you can fairly expect a better result.

s 2

Since it features negative ion technology, you can frequently use it to treat your hear. If you want to accomplish more than just straightening, then also you can use it. The thing is that it does require some skill in the way you wield it.

The downside of the product is that there are certain customers complaining about a gap between its plates. But from their reviews, we can fairly gather that the defect is not in the design. It may have found way in some devices during the manufacturing process. So, you don’t have to worry about it.



3. Havells HS4121 Hair Straightener


  • Long-lasting hair straightening
  • 40 x 100 mm plate size
  • 360 degree swivel cord 1.8 meter long
  • Floating plates prevents hair breakage
  • 150°C to 230°C temperature range
  • Ceramic plates for smooth gliding
  • 60 seconds fast straightening
  • 2 year guarantee
  • 24 hour home service

Havells HS4121 straightener gives you such an awesome looks, you won’t follow the stars but rather fall in love with your self.

This device doesn’t look different in any way from others in terms of its design. Most straighteners look like tongs. Therefore, whatever differences are to be sought are to be sought in the technical details that lend them qualitative distinction. Some of the tech-specs have to do with functional elements whereas some with materials used in their make.

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This straightener makes use of ceramic hot plates and is modestly sized. The advantage of it is that you can easily carry it with you. The ceramic plates are floating types, which adjusts to individual hair strands for even and faster styling. It is good for preventing hair breakage.

The plates can heat up to 230˚C and is ready to use in just 60 seconds. This temperature suits any hair type. The possibility of damage due to heat exposure is minimized.

It has a strong and long 360˚ swivel cord that makes it very comfortable to use.

The company offers 2-year warranty on the product. It shows how durable it is.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best budget hair straighteners you can find in the domestic market.



4. Philips Advanced Heated Straightening Brush


  • Argon oil infused coating for shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair
  • Silk pro care to minimize heat damage on hair
  • Thermo protect technology to maintain even temperature across the brush to prevent overheating
  • 170˚C and 200˚C
  • Triple bristle design to avoid entangled hair and straighten it
  • Ready to use in 50 seconds
  • Large paddle-shaped brush to straighten more hair in one go

Before we say a word about Philips Advanced Heated Straightening Brush, we’d like to request you not to consider it as just a hairbrush. Though it does look like one, it hides a lot many handy features under its simplistic design.

It comes with two heat settings: one is 170˚ and another is 200˚. It heats up quite fast…to be more specific, it takes just 50 seconds to make it ready for use.

Considering the fact that it is a brush and not flat irons, the heat settings are quite rational. What complements its heat settings is the Thermo Protect technology that maintains even heat across the brush. It keeps the device from overheating. And Silk pro care is there to minimize any damage that may be caused to your hair by heat.

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What’s more, the space between its bristles is quite big. So, if your hair is thick and long, it may take a little bit longer to straighten them without forming knots. But, if your hair is thin, then it will take less time to straighten. Interestingly, the device is infused with Argon oil, rendering the end result impressively smooth and shiny.

Finally, the size of the brush is such that it is capable of treating greater volume of hair at one go when compared to flat irons. It makes your hair styling task quick and easy.



5. Havells HC4045 – 5 in 1 Hair Styler – Best Multi Purpose


  • 2-year guarantee
  • 24 hour home service
  • Ceramic coated plates
  • 8 m cord length
  • One temperature setting: 190˚C
  • Cool insulated tip
  • Worldwide voltage

What makes Havells HC4045 an aggressive competitor is its 5 in 1 design. You can straighten, curl, crimp, conically curl or brush in order to make your hair more voluminous and stylize it in whatever way you like. To render it multi-purpose, there is given a set of accessories that can be easily fitted into its body for use.

It doesn’t offer too many temperature settings. On the contrary, it features but one 190˚C setting to serve all the above-mentioned purposes. For straightening and crimping up your hair, you have 2 in 1 ceramic coated plates each of which has two differently surfaced sides to serve two different purposes. For producing different types of curls, there are two different kinds of curlers of which one is conical and the other is 19mm cylindrical curler.

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One truly insightful feature is the cool insulated tip to the attachment. It really helps keep your finger from burn injuries.

Finally, the product is usable anywhere in the world, thanks to its universal voltage.



6. PHILIPS BHH880/10 Heated Straightening (Black)


  • Silk ProCare for minimizing heat damage
  • Large paddle-shaped brush to straighten more hair at one go
  • Keratin infused ceramic coating for shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair
  • 8mm cord
  • Triple bristle design
  • Fast heat-up
  • ThermoProtect technology
  • 170˚ and 200˚ temperature setting

Since PHILIPS BHH880/10 is a heated straightening brush, it does not compress hair in the way that hot plates do. Therefore, the end result you get with it is more natural, not artificial like the hair treated with hot plates. If you use hot plates, you surely have straighter hair than you get with a brush.

This should not sound deprecatory. Rather it is more profitable for your hair. There is less risk of damage due to the technologies like ThermoProtect, Silk ProCare and kerating infused ceramic coating used in it.

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You can either use it at 170˚ or 200˚. In this you don’t have too many options. But, practically, these settings suffice. And it heats up fast so you don’t have to wait long before you are able to use it.

The advantage of the triple bristle design is that your hair doesn’t get tangled when you move your brush through it.



7. VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler, Straightener, Curler & Crimper


  • Ceramic coated plates
  • 3 in 1 hair styler (Straightener, Curler, and Crimper )
  • 360 degree swivel cord having 2 m length
  • 2 year warranty

s 7

If you an all in one device for hair straightening, curling, etc then VEGA 3 in 1 hair styler is for you. All the three functions – straighter, crimper and curler work very well. However, there are a few drawbacks :-

  1. You can not adjust the temperature. So, avoid if you have thin hair.
  2. Because it comes with three plates, the device becomes bit bulky and some people may find it difficult to operate.


8. FIGMENT Hair Electric Comb Brush 3 in 1 Ceramic Fast Hair Straightener For Women


  • Low temperature, anti-static technology
  • Hair straightener and comb combined
  • Digital display
  • Anion hair massager
  • Fast and quality performance

FIGMENT Hair Electric Brush is by far the most cost-effective straightener you can lay your hand on. It is not too big and clumsy to wield.

Its temperature control is truly impressive and certainly makes it different from many others. It features + and – buttons for controlling it. You can raise it to 450˚F. This makes it amply clear that you don’t run the risk of damaging your hair with it.

The anti-static technology lowers resistance and neutralize the static field that may be created in your hair. Add to it the soothing effect of the Anion hair massager, and it will render the whole experience perfectly cozy and the end result on par with your expectations.



Best Hair Straighteners in India – A Buying Guide

Best Hair Straightener in India
Woman smoothing her long hair

If you are able to make discreet use of it, a hair straightener is really good for stylizing your hair at home. If you do it well, you won’t fail to mark a professional touch in it.

We consider it necessary to tell our readers why we referred to discreet use of this device, and the reason is that there are people who consider their hair as something insensate or something external to their body. They care more for a style than the health of their hair. They need to know that their hair needs to be taken care of.

As it is, the nature of the skin and hair vary from person to person. Some girls have dry scalp and dry hair; some oily scalp and dry hair; and still there are some who have oily scalp and oily hair.

Though the use of a hair straightener can be made by you even if you have any of the scalp-and-hair conditions described above, you need to be more careful in choosing a device if you suffer from the first two.

This is because not all devices come with multiple temperature settings. Look out for the one that offers you this facility. It will have the lower temperature that will not damage your hair. High temperature may certainly hurt the cuticle of your hair if your hair is fine.

If that happens, it is bound to affect the cortex as well. The result is that your hair will lose its resilience. And that’s not all! Your hair will not only lose elasticity, it will also start graying prematurely and fall. This is because in the same cortex, there are melanocytes that produce melanin to pigment your hair with dark hue, and keratinocytes that lend quality to the hair texture. When the cortex is hurt, the melanocytes and keratinocytes also invariably suffer the damage.

So, the first thing you need to know is the condition of your hair. If it is not good, then you need to pursue a suitable hair care treatment meticulously. Once it makes your hair strong enough to weather the wear and tear that a hair straightener may cause, then you can certainly use it.

Since we are talking about this gadget with regard to their efficacy in straightening your hair, we must not leave out its other capacities; because it can certainly do more than just a straightening. It can also curl your hair. All you have to do is to twist and twirl the device in a way that may produce the desired results.

Things to Consider While Buying a Hair Straightener

Best Hair Straightener
Young woman getting hair straightner

Though this device doesn’t have a concept that requires complicated design, because it is an electrical device to be used on your hair, there are few things that need to be taken into account before you finalize on anything.

The most obvious details have to do with safety of the product and its usefulness for the purpose. However, both the safety and utility involve many different aspects having to do with different techniques used in a device to ensure them.

Here are some of these…

  • Sensor enabled: You expect this feature in a high-end device; because it enables it to find out your hair type and accordingly adjust the heat setting for best results.
  • Broad or narrow plates: This particular detail has bearing on different types of hair which are to be straightened. If your hair is thin, you need a device with narrow plates. It is also easy to carry with you during travel. A device that features broad plates is good for thick or curly hair. It requires more surface area of plates to treat thick or curly hair evenly.
  • Types of plates: Different types of plates affect both the procedural efficacy and performance. We are founding the types of plates on the consideration regarding what material is used in their make, their design, and how both the aspects affect their performance. Here are a few types that we frequently come across:
  1. Iron plates: These are the most unreliable type because they come without protective coating and suffer from the failures concerning equal distribution of heat and generating hot spots across the plate. They may literally scorch your hair if it is delicate.
  2. Ceramic: It is undoubtedly one of the most common types and works perfectly on thick or curly or wavy hair. Its distinctive feature is that it perfectly withstands and conducts high temperatures without having their dimensional stability affected much. You may use it if your hair is thick and wiry.
    Please note that when we talk about ceramic plates, there is available in the market what we call false ceramic as well. Though it impresses us with equal distribution of heat, it certainly does not heat up too quickly. Neither does it bear comparison with the real ceramic when it comes to durability. This is because false ceramic lacks the level of density that actual one has. If your hair is thin and sensitive, you should consider this type.
  3. Tourmaline: It comes as a coating on ceramic plates. It offers constant heat and distributes it evenly. Another reason why this material is used in coating the plates is that this particular mineral produces certain low voltages when subject to mechanical stress or to heating. When these plates get heated, they produce negative ions that bond with the positive ions found in dry hair. As the hair passes through these plates, the negative ions traps the sebum in the hair and keeps it from further damage – in case your hair is already damaged. As a result, the hair not only straightens but also looks sleek.
  4. Titanium: A straightener using titanium plates is said to be the best option available to you right now. This is because it not only straightens your hair but also makes it silky and shiny. The advantage it offers is that it heats up faster than any other plate type. Also, it holds and distributes the heat well. It is highly recommended for hair that is not quite tractable. Because it heats up real quick and can get very hot, it is not advisable for thin hair. Use it only if it features multiple heat settings, allowing you to choose lower temperatures for treating your hair.
  5. Floating and suspended: Devices having floating plates are extremely good at aligning with the curves of your hair in order to evenly treat its entire length. Interestingly, there is introduced in the market a new type of plates which are called suspended plates which are quite similar to the floating plates as regards the purpose why they are designed that way. The end-result of both types of plates could be truly extraordinary.
  6. Infused: The plates incorporating this particular feature is good for all types of hair since they are infused with keratin, argan oil, etc which are good for the health of your hair. If you intend to use a device more frequently, then certainly go for infused plates.
  7. Infrared: This particular technology makes use of infrared electromagnetic waves for the purpose. It performs remarkably well even if your hair are not all too obedient. It is clearly visible in the smoothness of hair. The reason why it is so effective is that it does not rely on heating so much as treating your hair from inside out. It produces the negative ions that bonds with your hair, making the natural oils inside your hair to come to the surface. The sleek look you have is due to this reason. It considerably reduces the chances of damaging your hair because the heat that is produced by the hot plates is very, very less compared to other hot plates.
    The infrared hot plates may be covered with tourmaline or ceramics.
    Before we end talking about the types of hot plates that are featured in these gadgets, we needs must talk about the heavy and light duty gadgets.
    By heavy is meant the gadgets that are good for thick and curly and stubborn hair; and by light is meant those that work well with thin and delicate hair that need to be treated gently. The heavy duty devices usually have broad tourmaline or titanium or ceramic plates and high temperatures whereas the light duty devices have narrow plates and low temperature setting.
  • Easy to use: This has to do with how practically a device is designed. You don’t need something that is heavy and clumsy to deal with. If you are buying from any of the online stores, you don’t have the facility to try them out one by one. Therefore, it is important that you consider the dimensions of the products and take comparative look at them. It is highly recommended that you check out reviews of the products that you are interested in on e-commerce sites or YouTube. Pay attention to how big or small it looks when held in a reviewer’s hands and how comfortable she feels while using it. Products vary in length and weight. Apart from weight and dimension, the other important technical detail is a swivel cord. If a device features it, it is advisable you go for it; since it renders the device easy to use.
  • Number of temperature settings: Here, what you look out for is the whole range of temperature settings that fall between 100˚ to 300˚. Any product featuring such a range of heat settings is sure to have utility for all types of hair.
  • Heat up time: Different devices show difference in time they take to heat up. When the heat-up time is reduced, it makes the device ready to use quickly. As it is, the ceramic plated devices don’t get heat up very fast. Compared to it, the titanium and iron hot plates heat up very fast but of these two the latter is least recommended for delicate hair because of hot spots. So, if you are able to lay hands on something that comes around this particular issue technologically, then you must go for it by all means.
  • Straightening procedure: It may involve ionic or heating or sensor enabled treatment. Of these, the most recommendable procedures include ionic and sensor enabled.
  • Auto shut down: It saves the device from overheating.
  • Worldwide voltage: Support for different voltages makes a device good to carry with you when you are traveling.
  • Durability: It is ensured if you go for branded devices. Suppose if there is a one year warranty on a branded device, be sure that you will be able to use it for several years – provided you use it systematically. Unscientific use of anything is bound to reduce its life. Speaking from technical point of view, what lends durability to a device is the kind of materials that are used in them, and also technologies. For instance, both tourmaline and titanium in hot plates are bound to render the devices more durable than those making use of iron and ceramic.
  • Brand: We have liberal choice of brand offering in India. The best of which must include Philips, Havells, Vega, & Ikonic. The biggest advantage of choosing a product from any of these brands is that you are assured of its quality. The chances of design defect is least expected in them, and rarely, rarely you expect to meet with any manufacturing defect. And in the latter situation, you can safely rely on them to do the needful to support you by replacing the product.
  • Cost: Just like in regard to any other device, the cost of this device also is a variable that shows direct influence of the level of technological sophistication it has, and the kind and quality of materials used in it. The shelves in Indian market show devices that range from Rs. 100/- to Rs. 40,000/-, and they include both the homegrown and foreign brands. So, the choice is quite enormous and falls in many different categories of devices.


Best Best Hair Straightener in India – Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand is best for hair straightener

Philips, Havells, Vega, & Ikonic are some of the best brands manufacturing hair straighteners.

Which treatment is best for hair straightening

Keratin treatment is the best and safest hair straightening treatment. After a salon professional applies keratin solution to hair, a flat iron is used to seal in the formula to hair strands, creating a moisture barrier that reduces frizz and gives hair a shiny finish. It will last about six months, if you follow the treatment with keratin-infused sulfate free shampoos and conditioners!

What is the best temperature for hair straighteners

This depends on your hair type. Fine hairs should be ironed below 145°C. Normal hair can be ironed at 145-190°C and thick, coarse or extra curly hair at 170-210°C.

Which shampoo is best for hair straightening

Keratin-infused sulfate free shampoos like for example TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo or Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Keratin Smooth Perfect Micellar Shampoo + Conditioner Combo

Which is the best hair straightening cream/serum

L'Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Serum is one of the best serums available in the market.


It is our firm belief that the products reviewed by us, here, and the buying guide make for a perfect instructional suite for all prospective customers. If you are willing to follow them, they will lead you to the best choice that you could make. If you follow our advice, you’ll also come to share the confidence we have in our selection.

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