Best Food Processors in India Ranked (2023)

Best Food Processors in India

Food processors are meant for you if you are the one who don’t just want to fill your tummy to quench hunger but rather seek after both gastronomic delight and inclusion of all the foodstuffs that together make for a complete diet for nutritional requirements of your body. The best food processor is designed to offer an answer to this demand. It makes cooking absolutely quick and easy.

Though a food processor is a further development of mixer & grinder, it is a lot handier than the latter. This is because the latter have but limited utility, confined to making puree, grinding spices, preparing paste of things like ginger, garlic, etc which are used on daily basis.

But almost every lunch or dinner calls for a lot many other tasks to perform – tasks such as chopping vegetables like onions, slicing potatoes, grating coconuts, mincing meat, etc. These tasks cannot be performed through mixer & grinder. Food processors are designed with a view to serve all purposes conceivable in your kitchen. 

For this review, we have tried & tested several food processors from various brands. Taking into consideration their built quality, sturdiness, versatility, food processing performance and other aspects, we have picked some of the best food processors in India.

Test Criteria

The criteria we have used for determining the quality of a food processor have marked similarity with those used for assessing the quality of mixer and grinder; since the concept behind both types of food processors remains the same. It is only the level of utility that marks the difference between them. But that’s the whole point!

Here are some of the criteria that we have used in compiling this list of best food processors:

  • Types of food processors
  • Design of the jars
  • Design of the blades
  • Design of the accessories
  • Diversity of purposes served by them
  • Capacity of the jars and bowls
  • Wattage
  • Motor quality and capacity
  • Brand
  • Price
  • Customer reviews &
  • Durability

Best Food Processors in India (2023)

1. Usha FP 3811 Food Processor 1000-Watt Copper Motor with 13 Accessories (Premium SS Finish), Black and Steel


  • 12 applications
  • 100% copper motor
  • 3 impact resistant jars
  • 1 food processing bowl
  • 1000W
  • Citrus and centrifugal juicing attachments
  • 2 speed setting & pulse
  • Safety lock for safe operation
  • Inbuilt storage drawer for blades and discs
  • Kneading blade
  • Slicing disc
  • Shredding disc
  • Grating disc

Usha is one of the oldest brands known across India. The meaning of its name is dawn, which is associated with freshness that a new day brings with it. It perfectly fits in the context of Indian kitchen and culinary processes that take place there.

1 f

Just as dawn brings in a new day, Usha brings you a new way of going about the task of cooking. It would considerably speed up the whole process. The best way to find out how it does so is to practically draw upon the processing that is required for making one of the best known Indian dishes called mutton kofta curry.

To prepare this dish, you need to perform the following tasks…

  • Mince meat
  • Chop onions, chili, garlic, coriander leaves, etc
  • Whip curd
  • Make paste of massala like ginger and garlic
  • Make bread crumbs
  • Whisk eggs &
  • Making tomato puree

And, since chapatti invariably goes with it, kneading dough for it adds up to the other processes.

Now consider how many different types of processes are involved in this? Eight in all! All these processes will be performed by one machine, that is, Usha FP 3811 Food Processor. And if you are to end the course with a fruit juice, then add the ninth process to complete the list.

How is it made possible? It is simply by using a dedicated accessory for each of these processes. Barring one or two operations, none of the processes can be performed properly through mixer & grinder. You can practically prove this in your own kitchen.

By the way, this food processor comes with 13 accessories and 12 applications. It challenges your imagination to complete the rest of its application. That’s how handy it is!

And, now, it’s time to count the time! How much time it all takes? Not more than fifteen minutes! Add the cooking time, and it will hardly take three quarters of an hour. Add to it the time that goes in the making of chapatti. It won’t be more than half an hour more if you are an experienced roti maker.

Apart from the accessories and their applications, what lends Usha the kind of efficiency it has is its 1000W motor, which consists of 100% copper. That makes it durable as well.

What more can you expect?



2. Bajaj FX 1000 DLX 1000W Food Processor with 9 Attachments, Black


  • 1000W motor
  • 100% copper motor
  • 9 attachments
  • Processing bowl with 3 jars (liquidizing, grinding and chutney jars) for mixing, blending and grinding
  • 3 speed control with incher facility for momentary operation
  • Safety interlock for processing bowl, jars and juicer attachments
  • 2 in 1 pusher helpful for processing slender vegetables
  • 2 years warranty

Bajaj FX 1000 DLX is perfect for salads…soups…chips…juices…and almost anything that is set on your table…Because it can slice…liquidize…extract…blend…grind…It can do anything, all sorts of processing, by means of the three jars that come with nine different attachments.

There are 3 speed controls and an incher facility for running it for a split second, so to say. And when you use it for whatever purpose and at whatever speed setting, there is no chance of its content coming out of the bowls and jars. The lids of these are perfectly sealed with a gasket.

2 k

The attachments, including different types of blades and 2 in 1 pusher, produce regular slices and shredding. For juicing, there are two types of apparatuses: one works with a spindle to extract juices from fruits belonging to citrus family and another with a centrifugal juicer attachment and a pusher to extract juices from fruits.

The product is absolutely durable, weighing above 5 Kg and featuring a 100% copper motor that packs 1000W that would suffice for all types of operations.

Finally, this food processor has a truly remarkable design. The body that houses the motor has dimensions which are far more economical compared to the mixer-grinders that we know about. It comes as a block with elegantly rounded corners and a large silver dial for multiple speed settings on its sleek black front. The jars and bowls that come with it are mounted on top of it.

It is certainly one of the best offerings from a homegrown brand.



3. PHILIPS HL7763 750-Watt Food Processor with Chutney Jar, Black



  • Small chutney jar and blender jar
  • 1 L bowl capacity and 1 L jar capacity
  • Mixing and grinding jar
  • Atta kneading jar
  • Compact and easy to assemble

PHILIPS HL 7763 is even more compact than Bajaj FX 1000 DLX. However, the Philips food processor uses 700W motor and is heavier than the latter by a good 1 Kg. When you run it, the base unit doesn’t heat up very much due to the superbly ventilated bottom.

Coming to the accessories, the chutney jar is the extra element that is added to it. Previously it wasn’t there. That explains why special mention is being made of the chutney jar. It comes with concave surface on the inside for the purpose of breaking the flow of the content for better results. The reason why this little trick works is that it succeeds in casting the content on the moving blades of the jar.

The other attachments include the blender jar, multipurpose mixing and grinding jar, and centrifugal juicer. The jar for mixing and grinding also comes with a flow breaker. But it is introduced in the form of a long narrow groove which, at first glance, appears more like a design than flow-breaking grooves.

3 k

It may be considered as a big plus that these jars come with gradation to measure quantities by. At times when you have to pay attention to proportion, this feature may prove quite handy.

With these jars come different types of blades for different purposes. These include the slicing, shredding, chopping and atta kneading blades. These blades work together with a spindle. Whether it is wet or dry, the processing is perfectly done.

For chopping operations, you have in it a unique technology called PowerChop. It is based on the shape of the blade, cutting angle and inner design of the bowl. It is claimed for this technology that it works for preparing puree and batter as well.

The product is rendered absolutely durable because the plastic used in it is ABS polymer and the metal is stainless steel. What’s more, all the accessories are dishwasher safe.



4. Morphy Richards 1000-Watt Food Processor, Gold


  • 1000W
  • 3 speed controls
  • 2 L food processing bowl and 2.3 L chutney jar
  • Spindle, spindle extension, kneading blade holder, unique 2 in 1 pusher, bowl lid, citrus juicer, centrifugal juicer and lid, processing bowl, liquidizing jar, grinding jar, chutney jar, spatula
  • 2 years warranty

Morphy Richards 1000-Watt food processor objectifies the standard of excellence that the UK brand has established both at home and in overseas markets. Also, it succeeds in fulfilling the stated motto of the company to boost convenience and bring elegance to your kitchen.

It is not only beautiful, it is also very strong – the thing that makes it absolutely durable. It comes with 2 years warranty.

The good news for Indian consumers is that this product is marketed and serviced in India by Bajaj Electricals Ltd. It means that even if any problem crops up with this product, you don’t have to worry about it. One of the best Indian companies, known for its excellent customer care, will be there to address the issue.

4 k

Coming to its unique selling points, this food processor comes with the main unit, housing a powerful 1000W motor, 4 jars of varying size and capacity, multiple blades and attachments for executing a variety of tasks…By the way, this product has the capacity to perform as many as 16 functions! That’s something, isn’t it? With these many functions, you cannot expect anything to be missing.

There are 3 different speed settings with a regular pulse button. As we know, not all processes can be run using the same speed setting. This acknowledgement is incorporated in the product design, making it extremely efficient. Whatever it does, it does quickly and impeccably.

Over all, Morphy Richards 1000-Watt food processor is certainly the best product that is available in Indian market.



5. Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor, Black & String Plastic Chopper, White and Green Combo


  • Unique dual speed manual food processor
  • Two gear settings
  • Super sharp stainless steel blades
  • Four settings in slicer-dicer disk for versatile use
  • Chops everything
  • Control the size just be controlling number of pulls
  • Anti-slip silicone support in base
  • Plastic material

Wonderchef Turbo dual speed food processor is a manual appliance. Obviously, if it is to be compared, it is with other appliances that belong to its category. It cannot be as efficient as the electrical appliances.

In order to render it more efficient, it features a patented two gear technique. When you use the second gear, it produces a speed that is four times greater than the speed that is achieved using the first gear. This, undoubtedly, is the unique selling point of this product.

5 k

Wonderchef has been known right from the beginning to introduce some sort of novelty in its products and designs. The recognition it is granted in India owes a great deal to this very trait.

The next in importance in this product is its durability. It is made from quality plastic and its blades from stainless steel. You can perform all the tasks that you can with other products that we have reviewed here. The result you can achieve with it is as good as you can ever expect from a manual food processor.



Best Food Processors in India – A Buying Guide

The term food processor may sound a bit technical but it is just an extension of traditional mixer-grinder to include tasks other than mixing and grinding. Both types of kitchen appliances work in similar fashion. The difference is largely made by the accessories.

For making purees or chutneys or preparing batter or grinding ingredients used in Indian cuisine – ingredients such as coriander seeds, red chili, pepper, etc – the mixer-grinders sufficed. But cooking processes in Indian kitchens are not limited to these basic tasks. There was a long-standing demand for something that would performs wide range of tasks such as chopping and slicing fruits and vegetables, kneading atta, scrapping coconut, extracting juices from fruits and vegetables, etc. Food processors have come as a viable answer to this demand.

Carrots sliced in a mini food processor
Carrots sliced in a mini food processor

Having said that, we needs must add that that even processing food with mixer-grinders and food processors don’t suffice…Because food processed with these appliances, when cooked, don’t give the taste that traditional Indian dishes actually have. That’s why appliances like wet grinder are also introduced to bring the typical flavor into traditional dishes that manual labors produced through saddle querns.

Interestingly, people of India have begun to say, Indian is just not enough. They now have developed the craving for what is global. Therefore, now we hear a lot about Chinese, Mexican, Russian, Continental, etc.

These dishes bring different types of food processing. Hence, we find in food processors juicer accessories as well. So many of these cuisines follow courses at the table! You can have first-hand experience of this in Indian hotels where you see soups and starters beginning the course, followed by the main menu, and ending it with dessert.

As it is, the constituent elements of these courses require different ways of processing food. Food processors are designed to help you with almost all possible modes of food processing excepting the one that we already referred to in passing.

Things to Look Out For While Buying a Food Processor

Manual or electrical: There are these two types of food processors available in the market. It is advisable that you check out the manual food processor – if possible. The reason why we suggest you to do this is that very often salesmen demonstrate the efficiency of manual appliances. Whatever appliance they demonstrate before you, perform wonderfully well. But when you bring it home, it fails…and that, too, miserably. This doesn’t mean that all products are like that but, certainly, markets are flooded with such bogus appliances.

Therefore, if you must buy a food processor, it is good you go for electric food processor. The advantage of an electric food processor is that it is extremely efficient, performs wonderfully well, and lasts for a long time.

If you buy it online, then you better make sure that there is a service center of the brand in your city or town. Most of the part, if you buy a product from a reputed brand, you won’t require any service while it is still in warranty period.

The number of speed controls: Most of food processors are quite similar in this respect. Almost all have up to three speed settings and a pulse button. These speed settings are meant specifically for the kind of tasks that are performed by them. The same speed cannot perform many other tasks such as kneading dough.

Salad preparation on the summer terrace
Mix of vegetables for salad on the summer terrace

Power: The minimum power required in a food processor is 600W. But it is good if you go for 1000W. It is indicative of the power of the motor and also efficiency. Since we have referred to a motor, look out for a 100% copper motor. It lasts long and performs better.

Number of accessories: This is a very important factor in choosing a food processor; because its versatility largely depends on the number of accessories. It shows how many different tasks are performed by a product. The lesser the accessories, the lesser are the tasks performed by a product. The more the accessories, the wider the utility of a product.

To be more specific, it is highly recommended that the accessories should include chopper, mini chopper (for nuts, beans, herbs, etc), whiskers, kneading hook, slicing discs (including grater, slicer, French fries disc, etc), citrus press, and blender jug (for juices, smoothies and purees).

Each of these is important for a specific function. For instance, chopper is the best tool for mincing meat. Have you tried to mince meat in traditional mixer-grinder? If you don’t mince it without boiling it, you will notice that it simply won’t break but rather get messed up in the bowl and hindering free movement of the blades. But if the same task you perform with chopper blade in a food processor, you get the exact result that you desire.

Brand: The safest way to choose a product is to inquire which brand offers it. If it is from the brand that is already established in the market since long, the brand that you know very well, more often than not the trust you place in it will not be betrayed. The good thing is that there are many new brands coming up and they bring with them a variety of designs and useful features. They are equally well in terms of quality. Here are some of the best ones :-

  • Philips
  • Usha
  • Wonderchef
  • Inalsa
  • Butterfly
  • Bajaj
  • Havells
  • Lifelong
  • Croma
  • Bosch
  • Braun
  • Glen
  • Maharaja Whiteline
  • Borosil &
  • Morphy Richards

Please note that our list should not be considered exhaustive. There are many other brand offerings which perform well. But we are trying, here, to simplify your choice by picking up a handful of brands that have proven track record.

Best Food Processors in India – Conclusion

It would be an error to confuse food processors with run of the mill mixer & grinders. Food processors make an altogether different category by dint of their extensive utility. You can never do with mixer & grinders what you can with food processors. We have tried to highlight this point in our reviews as well as in our buying guide.

The product reviews are not only supported by our technical expertise, they are also practically proven through the positive customer reviews they have received. Therefore, if you pick from any of these, you are sure to have the best for yourself.

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