Top 10 Best Clutches For Parties & Weddings in India

Clutches are one of the most preferred types of hand bags among women. Great thing about them is that they are available in many different styles meant for many different occasions. This article is written for you if you are searching for best clutches that suits you during merry occasions like party and wedding.

It will lead you through spectacular array of products which actually belie their true worth and get you to the one true product that is designed especially for you. And rest assured that we have picked it from one of the most prestigious brands available in Indian market.

In this review article we have endeavored to choose the best 10 Clutches for parties and weddings.

How We Ranked Best Clutches For Parties & Weddings

Materials used in their make: We look out for what materials are used in making these hand bags, a leather or faux leather or cloth.

Features: These include the ways and extent to which these hand bags are compartmentalized. We consider what and how much they may carry. There are products which are short on features in order to accommodate the price-obsessed market segment. These are by no means much sought after; because features are what lend utility to a product.

Design: It has to do with how beautifully the bags are designed. It not only includes shape but also color. Style is the key in this regard.

Problematic product: In order to locate it we draw on the customer experience.

Durability: It includes manufacturer’s warranty policy along with other considerations. Please note that not all brands offer warranty on their products.

Quality: It involves all aspects of a product including the material used in it, the design, and the features incorporated in it to lend comfort to its user.

Customer satisfaction: Again, the customer ratings come in for good for the purpose. But it also depends to a great extent on the after sale services offered by the manufacturer and their availability across the nation.

Top 10 Best Clutches For Parties & Weddings

1. Tooba Women’s Clutch


  1. Leatherette material lined from inside with satin
  2. 18 x 6 x 12 cm dimensions
  3. A self locking spring lock & detachable golden shoulder chain

Tooba products have the flavor of typical Indian handicraft. This clutch amply represents it.

It is leatherette from outside and its shiny pink glamour is enriched with sumptuous embroidery, sequin art and raised work. The thing is that the pink color is so very common! As for its inside, it is lined with satin.

c 1

Its dimension makes it ideal for containing all that you may need during festal occasions like marriage or party, and keep them secure with self-locking spring lock. The finger rings for holding it in your hand secures it in a better way; but the downside is that if you hold it with your fingers for long time, it may start cumbering you greatly.

Therefore, it is good that it can be converted into a sling bag with a detachable golden chain.

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2. Sugarcrush Girls’ & Women’s Clutch


  1. 19 x 6 x 10 cm dimensions
  2. 120 cm detachable chain
  3. Put through 3 stage quality check that includes appearance after wash, button pull strength, tear strength, color fastness and seam strength

This Sugarcrush Girls’ & Women’s Clutch presents remarkable artistry in traditional tube and bead embroidery that is out and out Indian.

Tradition apart, its design perfectly fits in postmodern context. People now have grown out of tradition and are willing to embrace anything that pleases their eyes – even when it brings in foreign taste and culture. Of course, this one remains typically Indian.

c 2

Importantly, claim is made about this product that it has passed through 3 stages of quality check before arriving on shelves of shops. The nature of these tests shows that it is absolutely durable.

The downside of this product is the same as that mentioned in the previous product. It has one of the shades of pink that is very common.

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3. Tooba Girls’ Clutch


  1. Outer material is velvet and inner material satin
  2. 7” x 4” with 48” shoulder strap
  3. Clasp type closure

This is another handcrafted Tooba clutch that comes in golden color that makes it best fit for dinner parties or other merry occasions like that which are mostly organized in the evening. Its outside is made from velvet and inside from satin.

It’s in no way different from many other clutches. Yet it promotes itself through various types of Indian regional traditional embroidery arts such as zardosi, sequine and bead work. The price that you pay for it is the price you pay for the level of artistry that goes in its design.


However, in order to preserve it, you need to take care while cleaning it.

It has clasp type closure and a shoulder strap for hands-free carriage.

The product is truly good for casual use.

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4. Louise Belgium Women’s Clutch


  1. Twist lock closure
  2. 9” x 2” x 5” dimensions

This Louise Belgium Women’s clutch, though designed and manufactured by a Belgian company, demands much appreciation from us for producing a product that presents its own distinct art in such a form that it would naturally and perfectly match Indian outfits. For uninformed eyes, it may even pass as fine piece of ethnic Indian accessory.


Its silver-golden combination, studded with sparkling jewels, and golden chain for hands-free carriage are its unique selling points. Its size is sufficient for all that you need to carry in parties.

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5. DN Creations Women’s Clutch


  1. Zipper type closure
  2. Strips for holding it
  3. Easy-to-carry

This women’s clutch also, just like the previous product, grabs attention with its glitter of golden color and beads and jewels; but it airs a style which is a lot more traditional Indian than the Louise Belgium.

Its color and design makes it perfectly accompany traditional or contemporary outfits, and fit for evening parties of diverse kinds.


It has zipper type closure and a pair of strips to make it easy to carry.

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6. Tooba Girl’s Clutch (Multi Colors)


  1. Leatherette material with silk inner lining
  2. 7” x 4” dimensions
  3. Self locking spring lock
  4. Golden shoulder chain

This rose gold Tooba girls’ clutch flaunts attractive color and design. It is made from leatherette and lined from inside with silk.

Though it has shiny surface it brings you a contemporary flavor and will be more appropriate to go along with contemporary outfits. However, that’s surely not a rule. It’s entirely a matter of personal choice.

If you keep this Tooba alongside other more traditional clutches, the difference between the two will hardly need saying. It is like the difference between the Gothic art and the Classic art.

c 6

Having said that, it must be added that both types of arts are right in their respective contexts and need to be appreciated as such.

Finally, it comes at an extremely competitive price.

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7. GETKO WITH DEVICE Women’s Elegant Tassel Velvet


  1. Clinch woven design
  2. Adjustable and detachable golden chain
  3. Elegant tassel gold color pendant
  4. Diamante stone clasp
  5. 12 x 20 x 6 cm dimensions

This GETKO WITH DEVICE clutch features a clinch woven design with a golden tassel pendant that is not all too common to be found.

c 7

It wears the regular shine that is a must at any evening party or casual outing. The adjustable and detachable golden chain is good for converting it into a sling bag. If other clutches are used as sling bags, they may not look as good as this one since this clutch comes with larger dimension.

The whole design is topped with diamante stone clasp that keeps its content perfectly safe.

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8. Lino Perros Women’s Clutch (Black)



  1. Satin material
  2. 4” x 11” x 2” dimensions
  3. Snap closure
  4. 1 Compartment with 1 pocket

Products from the House of Lino Perros are always original – both in terms of design and color. Also, they look very fashionable in spite of the simplicity that is amply represented in this particular clutch. This is what makes this clutch favorite among advanced girls having cultivated taste for fashion.

c 8

It has 1 compartment and 1 pocket that would suffice for all that you may consider essential during casual outing. It has snap closure.

It is a perfect match for summer and winter dresses.

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9. Lino Perros Women’s Clutch (Red)


  1. Faux leather
  2. 12 x 23 x 3 cm dimensions
  3. Snap closure
  4. Adjustable strap
  5. 1 compartment and 1 pocket
  6. 90 days domestic warranty against manufacturing defects

This red faux leather Lino Perros is quite typical. It is extremely simple and durable, coming with 90 days domestic warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Where there is extravagance of glitter and gaudiness around, carrying such a product would bring in relief to the eye without compromising the feast of passion. Its color stands witness to it.


It is no small advantage that this clutch will not bother you with the care that is required in cleaning other products which abound in beads and tubes and jewels and embroidery.

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10. The Clownfish Leatherette Brown Women’s Wallet



  1. Leatherette material
  2. 3 compartments: 1 for card slot, 2 for zipper slots and 5 card slots and 1 for store bills
  3. Snap flap closure

This leatherette brown colored wallet marks a difference when compared to other clutches. It is a wallet and designed for a purpose that has more to do with the usefulness of the product than adding glamour to your looks.

The way its interior is organized is enough to tell-tale it. It has 3 compartments and the wall between two of its compartments consists of a zipped compartment. On the side of the flap, there are 5 slots for different kinds of cards that are essential for you to carry with you safely. At the back of it also there is a zipped pocket. It is good there for housing something that you may have to get out easily at any time.


‘Safety’…That’s the word that would describe this product. It comes with a snap flap closure. It doesn’t look bad; but, then, it doesn’t look showy either. It is designed to perfectly serve practical purposes associated with bags.

Though the brand name is Clownfish, carrying it will surely not make you look like a clown. At the most, it would give you a rough-and-tough or down-to-earth or unromantic impression.

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Best Clutches for Party and Wedding – A Buying Guide

There are times when life celebrates itself and they are to be found in such festive occasions as parties and weddings. It is at such moments we truly live our life…Show others who we are and how we look…And, of course, what we consider ourselves to be. Achieving part of this purpose through such a small accessory as a clutch to go with the dress you like most to wear on such occasions, would be considered quite relevant and in good taste.

Purposeful Design

As already stated, clutches are meant for totally different purposes compared to totes, cross-bodies, hoboes, etc. These are meant specifically for party time, where carrying other kinds of handbags would surely feel cumbersome. Parties are marked by light mood which should not be weighed down with heavy bags. You need to carry something light.

That explains the size of the clutches. It should have as much space as allows room for the few make-up things that you must have with you – things such as a small looking glass, eye-liner, lipstick, nail polish, comb, a pouch containing credit/debit cards, identity cards, driving license, money, etc.

The reason for such space is clear as a day light. When you go out in Indian conditions, your skin may lose its vitality, hair may lose its style in case there is a dance or something, and lipstick may fade off for reasons that may vary.

Therefore, when you arrive where the action actually takes place, it is good you mend your looks wherever it requires.

Glitter, Color & Show

Good Looking Clutches

In the given context, clutches must have these. They must look good. That’s the reason why most clutches available in the market are showy. So many of them may not be good quality-wise; but the one thing that they don’t lack is show. You must put up a great show. Parties are meant specially for that.

And, since most parties are organized to take place during evening when it is cool and mind is free from the more practical considerations of life, these are marked by lights and shadows of evening. This situation is perfect for shining surfaces – shining countenance, shining smiles, shining cloths, shining accessories… This is because evening lightning reflects well on it to make things glam up.

For the same reason, it is good to wear clothes and accessories which are bright in color so that they stand out markedly, especially when the party is set in the open space. Even if it is organized in a hall, the same rule applies. That is the reason why even the colors of the clutches are shiny and bright.

If you see clutches that are not shiny but do look plain and posh, know for certain that they are meant for a party where the participants are out and out contemporized or westernized. In such circles you won’t find people wearing traditional dresses that you see being worn in Indian weddings. Rather you see a lot of one shoulders, crop tops, off shoulders, jeans and so on.

You cannot conceive in your wildest imagination for such people to carry the kinds of clutches that are designed by Tooba Handicrafts. What suits such outfits is the kind of designs that you expect from the House of Lino Perros.

Materials Used in Clutches

Clutches are largely made up of faux leather and cloths such as velvet, polyester and satin which cast glow on their surroundings.

Whether you go to a market or a mall or visit online galleries showcasing clutches from different brands, if you look at them closely, you will notice that the leatherette clutches are comparatively simpler than the clutches which are made from velvet or some other synthetic cloth.

Nevertheless, they follow the latest trends in style. Some also come studded with stones and beads. Some clutches flaunt flowers made from variety of materials, and metal branches and leaves. But most of the part, you find them following the trend that is contemporary. Most of the part these products are lined with cloth materials like silk and satin from inside.

It is when you come to the clutches which are made from different synthetic cloth materials that you find greater variety of design and style which have distinctive flavor of Indian handicraft. These clutches are rich with excellent embroidery work that incorporates many different traditions within India – traditions such as zardosi, phulkari, aari, etc. These may also include elaborate bead-works and jewels.

Even a cursory glance at them will be enough to understand the level of craftsmanship that is gone in their making. Their actual price is actually very high; but due to terrible competition in the market sometimes you can get them at a very high discount from e-commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart. These are a perfect fit for more traditional Indian celebratory events, lending royal looks to the one who carries it.

Nowadays most clutches come with golden or silver chain to convert them into a sling bag for convenience. Most of the hardware used in their make are made from metal and toned with silver and golden color.

Best Brands Available in India

Best Clutches

Brand is something that is very important not only for the businesses but also for the customers. It is important for the companies because once they successfully build a specific brand image, it is going to reside in their customers’ mind forever. Their customers will begin to have certain expectations from them. This is what gives them their identity, setting them apart from their competitors.

It is important for the customers because they know what they want and they also know which brand can offer what they want. This is how the markets are segmented, and in a given segment businesses are placed.

Each of the prestigious brands in the following list is known for offering the products which cater to the needs of their customers in the best possible manner. Here…

  1. Lino Perros
  2. Sugarcrush
  3. Tooba
  4. Louise Belgium
  5. DN Creations
  6. The Clownfish
  7. Kleio
  8. Berrypeckers
  9. Hopping Street

Some brands have successfully contributed to taking forward style and fashion along traditional lines, some are strikingly and innovatively contemporary; some are extremely cost-effective and oriented toward serving practical needs of their clientele; and some bring in foreign tradition and concepts. But all are held in esteem in their respective segment.

Therefore, it is good that you know what exactly you want. Once you are clear about it, you can easily pick on the brand that offers it in the way that fulfills your expectations.

Best Clutches for Parties and Weddings – Conclusion

Through the top 10 clutches that we have reviewed, we have put before you the best products that are available to you in the market.

Some of them are handcrafted and have the true flavor of India whereas some are quite modern in their style.

The buying guide is given specially to make you an informed customer. It touches all aspects of the clutches including the materials that are used, the craftsmanship involved and the style statement.

We don’t have the slightest doubt in that if you trust us and choose any of the products we have reviewed here, you will have the best clutch that is available in India in 2020.

Optionally, you can follow our buying guide and do your own research to locate the product for yourself. One way or the other, you are sure to get the best.

Rewa Bhadwal

Last update on 2023-02-05 / Images from Amazon

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