Best Baby Car Seats in India (2023)

Best Baby Car Seats in India

If you have a baby to carry along for a drive in a car, you need a quality baby car seat that would keep your baby safe all through the ride. Since this category of products is meant for babies, it needs to be both safe and comfortable. If it is not safe, baby is in danger; and if it is not comfortable, it will cry. And when a baby cries, it’s a rule that you attend it immediately. And if you got to attend to its cries, you can neither concentrate nor enjoy driving the car. Better give your baby the car seat it ought to have.

For this review, we have tried & tested several baby car seats from various brands. Taking into consideration their built quality, safety, dummy crash performance and other aspects, we have picked some of the best baby car seats in India.

Test Criteria

  • Height and weight limits
  • Safety standards
  • 5 point harness
  • Reclining positions
  • Brand
  • Price
  • Customer reviews &
  • Warranty

Best Baby Car Seats in India (2023)

1. Fisher-Price-Convertible Baby Car Seat (Red)



  • 5-point harness & 3 reclining positions
  • Rear and forward facing
  • Streamlined bottom to keep car seat from getting damaged
  • Removable seat cushion
  • Compliant with strictest European standards
  • Compatible with a baby having a weight up to 18 Kg

This is a convertible baby car seat, deemed to be the best for babies since it can adjust with the height and weight that are generally expected in babies of varying age. It accommodates babies up to 7. So, it is sure to last till your child stops toddling and begins to take firmer steps.

The design of this baby car seat is so babyish that you’d like to have a baby if you just have a look at it. It is sure to evoke that parental feeling in you. So, it goes without saying how it would attract parents.

It’s caring…It has 5-point harness and 3 reclining positions. It is absolutely safe. Its safety is authenticated through its compliance with the strict European standards. Add to it the soft padded comfort and your baby will surely not miss the warmth of your arms. When it’s time for it, you can remove the cushion to give it a good wash.

Fisher Price Baby Car Seat

You can install it in both rear and forward-facing position. It is good both for a newborn baby and babies older than that. See to it that you measure your baby aright so that you’re able to know whether this car seat fits it or not. Ideally, it should, because this product is designed for babies weighing up to 18 Kg.



2. Fisher-Price – Infant Car Seat / Carry Cot (Red)



  • 4 in 1 seat that can be used as infant car seat, carry cot, rocker and feeding chair
  • Different handle positions
  • Compliant with European standards with regard to safety
  • Fun design featuring Fisher-Price characters
  • Side impact protection
  • Removable and washable seat cushion
  • Inbuilt canopy
  • Streamlined bottom to keep the car seat from getting damaged
  • 5-point harness system
  • Good for babies weighing up to 13 Kg

Fisher-Price Infant Car Seat/Carry Cot is an extremely useful product due to its capacity to entertain your baby in four-fold ways.

When you want to take your baby for a ride, it becomes an infant car seat. And, surely, you’re not going to move out, leaving your baby in a car. You have to carry it along with you. That’s when it becomes a carry cot. Different handle positions come in handy on such occasions.

And suppose if the baby feels sleepy! Well, the seat rocks your baby as well. But that’s not all. It still has one more function to fulfill which is not quite common. It is feeding chair.

Since it is to serve as a carry cot, it stands to reason that it is not designed for a baby above 2. If it is to carry a baby older than that, it is practically impossible for you to carry it along with you.

Fisher Price Infant Car Seat

Another thing, your baby so nicely gets strapped and held into position with one-pull harness adjustment that once assigned to its care you sort of forget it. The baby won’t be tossed about nor get hurt from side impact. Its cushioning not only protects, but it also lends baby the comfort it must have.

If you are to carry your baby out on sunny days, there is a canopy that would save its delicate skin from getting damaged from sunlight.

Indeed, it’s like going out to play when this Fisher-Price holds your baby.



3. Luvlap Galaxy Convertible Car Seat for Baby & Kids from 0 Months to 7 Years (Red)


  • ECER44/04 certified
  • 5 point safety harness
  • 3 position height-adjustable headrest & harness system
  • Soft padding on harness, head & seat for optimum safety
  • Removable and washable seat cover
  • Easy one-pull harness

Luvlap Galaxy convertible car seat has a design that would make you feel like a student who is carrying a baby instead of books in your bag. Your baby provides a truly enjoyable read when held firmly in its harness. The 5 points harness is absolutely safe and 3 position height-adjustable headrest, comfortable. The seat is padded so nicely that it will certainly make your baby smile with content.

Luv-Lap Baby Car Seat

And, no worries if baby pees or poops. The seat comes with a cover that can be removed and washed.

LuvLap Galaxy certainly makes a worthy choice among low-budget products.



4. Chicco Cosmos Baby Car Seat with Universal Attachment System, ECE R44/04 Safety Certified, for Babies 0m-4y (Red Passion)


  • Compliant with European safety standard
  • Ergonomic and comfortable with soft reducer cushion
  • For babies up to 4
  • 3-point car belt
  • 4 position reclining system
  • Easy installation with front and rear-facing installation

Chicco Cosmos baby car seat is an offering from an Italian brand that conforms to the strictest European safety standards. It is uniquely designed to hold the nicely cushioned bag securely on its base. It has what is called Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) system, using the car belt to pass between the back of the seat and the base on which it sits, and is locked in the lower anchor. The same belt is further secured in four different places.

4 b

The seat rests on the base like a saddle both forward and rearward. In the same way that the saddle-like seat is firmly held on its base, a baby is secured with straps that can be adjusted to its height. Once a baby is strapped, you can give one pull on the strap that you find on the seat front to adjust the strapping.

Its ergonomic design is rendered absolutely comfortable with soft reducer cushion and 4 reclining positions.

If the price set on it is not an issue with you, and your baby is below 4, then Chicco Cosmos baby car seat is a perfect fit for it.



5. R for Rabbit Convertible Baby Car Seat Jack N Jill Grand Innovation ECE R44/04 Safety Certified Car Seat for Kids of 0 to 7 Years Age with 3 Recline Position (Black Grey)


  • Absolutely safe with ECE R44/04 certification
  • Rear-facing car seat for 0-2 years age group
  • Front-facing for 2-7 years age group
  • 3 position recline
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Washable seat cushion

This R for Rabbit Convertible Baby Car is a grand innovation for your Jack & Jill.

It has its own way of installing the seat in forward and rearward position. For rear-facing installation, the car belt passes from under the bottom of the seat and is locked in the lower anchor. In this position it is secured in four different positions. For forward-facing installation, the car belt passes from behind the back of the seat.

R-for-Rabbit Car Seat

Either way the seat is perfectly secured on the car seat. It won’t allow Jack or Jill to come tumbling after you in case you put brakes on brusquely or get involved in a crash situation. The seat is so nicely cushioned to support a baby’s head, shoulders, back and hips that it cannot feel the shock. Together with the 3 reclining positions, it makes a ride perfectly cozy for the baby.



6. Evenflo Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat


  • 100% polyester
  • Made in USA
  • Compliant to federal safety standards
  • Structural integrity remaining uncompromised due to compliance with Federal crash test standard

Evenflo Tribute 5 is out and out American. It takes into consideration everything that needs to be taken care off about your baby’s day out.

To begin with, it can be placed both in rear-facing and forward-facing position. But, as it is only natural, it won’t recline in forward-facing situation. In rear-facing position it does to an extent that makes it comfortable for a baby.

Since cars are now air conditioned, the 100% polyester should not be a matter of concern during hot weather condition.

Evenflo Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat t

It accommodates difference in height of a baby by offering four shoulder harness positions. What’s new in it is the two crotch positions. It is by no means common in baby car seats. There are chances if a product having just one crotch position is used for a baby that does not fit well with it, then it may be that when you put brakes on all of a sudden, the single crotch position may give it an experience like that of receiving a kick right where it forks. Therefore, this feature in this product is quite appreciable.

Finally, it meets the Federal crash test standard, and it is claimed in the production description provided for it that it retains its structural integrity even in a situation such as this.



7. LuvLap Sports Convertible Car Seat for Baby & Kids from 0 Months to 4 Years (Black)


  • ECE R44/04 certified
  • 5 point safety harness
  • 3 position height-adjustable headrest & harness system
  • Soft padding on harness, head and seat
  • Removable and washable seat cover
  • Easy one-pull harness
  • 3 reclining positions
  • Forward-facing and rear-facing installation

LuvLap Sports Convertible car seat for baby is one of the most cost-effective and comfortable baby car seats.

It is padded and made so soft that your baby is bound to have rocking experience if at all you are to drive on rough Indian roads. Even its straps and crotch position are padded. Add to this cushioning the 3 reclining positions, and you couldn’t ask for more in the way of comfort.

7 b

It also has a 3 position height-adjustable headrest and harness system that would make it right fit no matter what size your baby is. Having said that, it must be added that the seat is made for babies up to 4.

As for its weight-bearing capacity, it allows for a baby weighing up to 18 Kg. The thing is that you have to alter the installation position in keeping with the height and weight of a baby. That’s perfectly alright; because all products demand that you use them as per your individual requirements.



8. R for Rabbit Travel System – Chocolate Ride – Baby Stroller and Pram + Infant Car Seat for Kids | Newborn Boy & Girl of 1 to 3 years (Blue Black)


  • ECE R44/04 certified for safety
  • 5 inch front wheels and suspension
  • Matching pram and integrated car seat
  • 3 position recline
  • Reversible handle

R for Rabbit is a baby car seat cum stroller. Of these two systems, the former is ECE R44/04 certified and the latter is EN1888. If you are to find certified safety in the design of the product, then you find it in 5 points harness that has now become a norm. It means it has five attachment points that secures a baby at shoulders and hips in such a way that in a situation of crash or something, the force of the crash is partly absorbed into the seat and partly into the more rigid parts of its body.

The materials used in its make, and the way its mechanism holds it together, contribute to its safety. The baby seat and stroller – both are combined so insightfully that we have to admire the mind that has conceived it. It’s simply amazing.

8 b

The whole thing is folding, and it may seem quite daunting to assemble it at first. But, once assembled, it becomes extremely easy to use!

It can be reclined in 3 positions to make it comfortable for your baby. The reversible handle, too, has its own advantage. In one position it is the back of your little one’s head that faces you and, in another position, its face.

Both systems have their own canopies; so you can turn the baby seat into a carry cot and cover it with its hood to save it from direct heat of the sun while you carry it along with you. This feature is very much necessary in Indian situation.

Indeed, R for Rabbit travel system is one of the best products for babies up to 3.



9. Trumom (USA) Infant Baby Car Seat, Carry Cot and Rocker with Canopy for Kids 0 to 15 Months Old (up to 13 Kg)


  • Superior side impact protection
  • 5 point safety harness
  • One-pull adjustment
  • 4 position handle positions
  • Baby car seat, carry cot, rocker and feeding chair
  • Canopy
  • 50+ UV protection can be used when the handle is in the downward position

This Trumom is just like a true mom. And it is elegantly designed. Its plump cushioning, side impact protection, 5 point safety harness, canopy – all together give it such a tender look as would characterize a true mom.

9 b

The product is out and out American and maintains all Federal safety standards for the sake of your baby. That’s how important your baby is for Trumom!

For babies up to 15 months, it is certainly the best product that is available in India.



10. 1st Step ECE R44/04 Safety Certified Car Seat for Kids of 0 to 5 Years Age with 3 Recline Position, 5 Point Safety Harness and Adjustable Front Handlebar (Black)


  • 5 point safety harness
  • Adjustable and removable handle bar
  • 3 position reclining seat
  • Padded wings to protect baby from side impact
  • Washable seat cushion
  • Good for babies from 0 to 5 years old and weighing 10 Kg to 18 Kg

The 1st Step baby car seat is designed, keeping kids up to 5 years old into consideration. It looks different from other products that are reviewed here. That’s because it lacks the delicacy that we find in other products. There are no fun elements in it that we find in Fisher-Price and some other products.

10 b

The good thing is that the product is safe and also comfortable. You can hold its adjustable handle firmly due to the padding it is provided with.

It may look new till your baby is two. But once the baby grows up to 5, this baby seat will start looking like what it is…its sturdy look notwithstanding.

There is certainly nothing new in it but it is certainly one of the few that you’d like to have for your baby.



Best Baby Car Seats in India – A Buying Guide

Best Baby Car Seats in India
Toddler girl buckled into her car seat

You just can’t take the phrase baby car seat lightly just because it has to do with baby. A baby has the capacity to totally unsettle you if it doesn’t get a cozy little car seat. It is sure to cry out if doesn’t feel comfortable. Babies have a very low tolerance threshold. Moreover, many of them may pee or poo every time they cry. Being parents, you normally won’t mind it; but when you are driving, you certainly do. Therefore, we say, “Get the right car seat for your baby.” We’ll also let you know how.

Types of Baby Car Seat

Just as there are different types of babies, there are different types of baby car seats, and you need to know about them. That’s the first rule if you intend to buy one for yours. Here are the four types of baby car seats: infant car seats, convertible car seats, 3 in 1 car seats and booster seats.

Infant car seat: It is designed for newborn babies.

Convertible car seat: It can be converted to make it suitable for both the newborns and the toddlers. This should be considered the best choice because it would allow you to adjust it to different sizes and weights. It is sure to last longer than other types because its utility being extended to cover the time that your child begins to toddle. Moreover, you can make it to face forward or rearward without any difficulty.

3 in 1 car seat: It can be comfortably converted into a baby car seat, a carry cot and a rocker. You can position it to face forward or rearward – in whatever way you like. The important thing is that it can be easily adapted to a travel system. It considerably saves your energy that would otherwise be spent in carrying it in your hand.

Booster seat: It may have high back or altogether lack it.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Car Seat

woman choosing child car seat
woman choosing child car seat for newborn baby in shop supermarket

Lifestyle: There are a number of factors that influence the choice of a baby car seat. One big factor is lifestyle. Many people either don’t know that there exists a thing like baby car seat or they prefer to carry their baby in their arms. And, there are people who both know the availability of things like baby car seat, baby carrier, baby basket, etc and have a high level of optimism and gumption to try them with confidence.

The point we are trying to make, here, is that how you carry your baby is indicative of your attitude toward it. Those who carry it close to their body are the people who consider it as part of their self. Those who carry it in a basket or a carrier do love their baby, of course, but they want their baby to grow side-by-side with their ‘self’.

For instance, a working mother must continue to work, even if it means assigning her baby to a maid’s care. Or if she is an entrepreneur, she won’t down her shutters after becoming a mother. She would go for a solution in which she can manage her business and also her baby. She doesn’t want to stop at being a mother and nothing more than that. She wants to grow herself…in different directions. That’s the way she achieves the wholeness of being.

And, she would rear her child in such a way that it grows to be an independent individual who is self-reliant like her. That’s what we mean to say when we talk about the influence of lifestyle on baby car seat buying decision.

Interior of your car: The interior design of your car is also an important factor that influences your decision regarding which product to buy. This is because the baby seat is to be installed on the car seat. If you buy something with the capacity and design of your car seat in mind, its installation will be easier for you.

Safety: The first and foremost consideration while buying a baby car seat is safety. You know all too well that driving a car is an experience that never remains the same. Even an experienced car driver may face a situation that he is not prepared for. You may have to drive at varying speed, on varying surfaces and put on brake at any time. It is not a smooth affair, especially in Indian context.

If a child is newly born, it is good to select a product that allows for rear-facing placement of a seat. Also, look out for a product having 5-point harness protection.

According to one opinion, children need this arrangement till they grow above 4 years of age. However, physical growth does not remain the same for all babies. Some grow faster than average babies both in height and weight. So, you’re the right judge in this regard to deciding how you are going to position it.

Other important safety features include side impact protection and parent proof latching system. See to it that the side impact protection is not such as would compromise the comfort level of your child. This is quite easy to understand if you are able to conceive a situation in which somebody holds your head from its side from behind. Not being able to turn your head this way and that…Just consider how it would feel! It is even worse for children, because they cannot move their eyes from side to side.

Comfort: Baby won’t seat in a car seat at all if it is not comfortable. The seat in which it is placed must simulate the comfort that is there in the arms of its mom or dad. Please note that comfortable doesn’t necessary mean something that is over-padded.

Why rear-facing position: It is because in this position, if the car is to pause abruptly, it would save the child’s neck and back from serious injuries. Its body is so delicate that it cannot bear being jerked so violently. The advantage of rear-facing position is that it supports the entire back of the child, right from its neck to its lower back, in such a way that it would make the impact of sudden jerks as good as naught.

Ease of usage: See to it that the product of your choice is easy to install and uninstall. This particular element not only has to do with ease of usage but also with safety. If it is easy to install but is not safely harnessed, then it is of no use. It poses serious danger for a baby.

It is good if a product is light. If it is, you won’t find it difficult to carry. Portability adds to the ease we’re talking about. It will enable you to carry the baby in it in the same way that a baby basket does. For this very reason it is important that you check out the handle design – whether it is comfortable to hold or not.

There are also products that can be used with a perambulator. If you want something that goes with a pram, then what you need to check out is the adaptors and things like harness adjustor, latch straps, etc.

Best Baby Car Seat Brands: Try to stick to the brands known for their quality. Some of the brands you can trust include Fisher-Price (American Brand), Mee Mee, Luvlap, R for Rabbit, and Chicco. If you are looking for premium American brands, then consider Baby Trend Car Seats, or Graco Baby Car Seats.  These premium baby car seats cost anywhere between 25,000 to 40,000 rupees for a car seat.

Best Baby Car Seats in India – Conclusion

Baby car seat is not a long-standing tradition in India. Nevertheless, it is fast becoming a vogue to carry babies in car seats. For that very reason it is necessary that you know which factors need to be taken into consideration while buying one for yours. Some are quite obvious, whereas some are not.

Hence, we have put together a list of the best baby car seats that are available in Indian market along with a buying guide. You can rest assured of the safety and comfort of your baby if you pick any one of the products that we have reviewed for you. Your baby deserves it. Give it.

Rewa Bhadwal

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